By Autumn Yates
Staff writer

Paul Becker is taking Hutchinson Community College by storm by adding character and support to the college.

Previously based in Los Angeles, Becker comes to HutchCC looking to help students achieve their goals. Prior to working at the college, Becker was a Regional Manager for the commercial division of Westlake ACE Hardware. He went about the West Coast “teaching, training, and engaging 750 ACE associates on how to work with our commercial customers.”

“People before Profits” was the unofficial slogan of his company’s region.

“I believe putting the needs of the team first, will ultimately lead to success, whatever that may look like,” Becker said. “And it works. Full stop.”

He said that he comes to HutchCC with a mission to help others achieve whatever they aim to accomplish. During the pandemic, he grew tired of the sales and profit world, and wanted to instead dive deeper into helping people with their problems, something his team at Westlake ACE Hardware aimed to do.

“After I decided to relocate to Hutch full-time, I knew I wanted something that was focused on what I’ve loved most in my career – building relationships and helping folks achieve their own goals,” Becker said.

While he initially started at HutchCC as a Department 2 secretary in Shears Technology Center, he expressed to his supervisors that he wanted to be more involved with the support of students. When a job opening for an advisor position was posted, he quickly applied. He was then met with a panel of the Department II Co-Chairs, Advisors, and Human Resources. He shares that the interview process was nerve wracking.

“They record the interview and you can see the entire room on this absolutely massive TV mounted in front of you,” Becker said.

Becker said he thought highly of his department and the community at HutchCC. Everyone has been welcoming to him on campus since he came to the area. He favorite part of working at the institution is helping the students with their plans.

“When one leaves the office with a big grin because they can see that clear path to graduation, I can only think of a few life experiences that top that,” Becker said.

He also encourages students to reach out to their advisors to discuss their aspirations.

“Please call your advisor and visit with them about your degree audit,” Becker said. “They want you to call. They really, really do.”

Department co-chair, Sheldon Stewart, said that he was “very impressed” with Becker when he was first introduced.

“Mr. Becker has a broad field of experience, which is unique, simply because it is his,” Stewart said.

Aside from helping others, Becker loves quesadillas from the cafeteria and making Greek Mythology-themed ice cream.

“I make a chocolate called Hades Reserve. It’s so rich, you would travel the depths of Tartarus for a single bite,” Becker said.

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