By Cassidy Peterson
Staff writer

The results have been released following the student satisfaction survey in February and March.

More than 500 Hutchinson Community College students, varying in location, participated in the survey and were asked an array of questions in hopes of figuring out what the college is doing well and what students think needs to be improved. All of the data collected was discussed March 22 with a select group of faculty, advisors, financial aid, members of the research department, and the upcoming student body president to figure out solutions and celebrate the accomplishments.

The top strengths of the college, according to the HutchCC student participants, include having knowledgeable academic advisors, feeling welcome, having resources that help drive success, having sufficient courses for their area of study, and being aware of the support and services for course work in Learning Zone.

Challenges that the college still faces according to the survey include quality of instruction being excellent, having adequate/accessible computers and/or Wi-Fi, feeling safe and secure on campus, having faculty that is fair and unbiased in treatment of individual students, and the consistency in messages that are sent to students.

After looking over these results, plans are already in motion to improve upon the components HutchCC students find average or unsatisfactory.

One challenge already being addressed is the lack of adequate or accessible computers and/or Wi-Fi. The committee was able to look at student comments and track students by major to figure out what buildings were having the Wi-Fi issues, and the results found that Davis Hall, Lockman Hall, and the dorms were primarily where students were talking about having slow Wi-Fi.

Actions have already been taken to address HutchCC students feeling safe and receiving messages consistently from the college after the bomb threat confusion on Feb. 12, for instance, test alerts have been sent. IT has also worked to clean up the notification system and hopefully prevent further issues.

Next year, a student focus group is also in the works in order to find out what students consider fair with instructors and what quality instruction looks like to them. This way the college can figure out what the best way is to address these issues.

The main message Jess Fortner, Curriculum and Program Improvement Coordinator, wants students to know is that their opinions do matter and the issues are being addressed. The improvements may not come until current HutchCC students are gone, but the college and faculty hear students’ concerns and will find solutions.

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