The Hutchinson Collegian is the student newspaper of Hutchinson Community College. We publish 12 newspapers, six per semester, distributed on Fridays, during the school year. We update our web site regularly during the academic year.

Meet our Fall 2023 staff:

Carly Thompson, Editor in Chief

Born and raised in Hutchinson, Carly Thompson graduated from Buhler High School before she began attending Hutchinson Community College. She is majoring in psychology. Carly spends her free time hanging out with friends and family. If she’s not doing that, you can find her reading, sewing, or at the gym.

Sam Ojeda, Sports Editor

Sam Ojeda is Sophomore at HutchCC. He hails from Lincoln, Nebraska where his hometown diehard Husker fandom comes from (#GBR). Sam is on the baseball team at the college and you’ll often see him pitching on the mound. Be on the lookout for the sports page this year where most of Sam’s stories are published.

Lynn Spahr, Opinion Page Editor

Originally from Oklahoma, Lynn graduated from Buhler and is now working toward an English degree. She joined the newspaper as a way to diversify her writing skills. She enjoys listening to podcasts and having meaningless debates about coffee.

Braedon Martin, Online Editor

A wisecracking sophomore from Hutchinson, who graduated from Buhler High School, Martin has a sharp wit and the vocabulary of a sailor. He’s a talented gamer, a Blue Dragons Esports national champion, and is determined one day to find the infamous “Hamburger Man” at Sandhills State Park.

Paige Asberry, Staff Writer

Born and raised in Hutchinson, Paige is a sophomore who has been attending HutchCC since her junior year of high school. She’s majoring in General Studies, but plans to transfer for her Criminal Justice and Psychology degree. Paige is involved in multiple on-campus clubs, and in her free time likes to read, watch movies, and hang out with friends. 

Mason Poepperling, staff writer

Mason Poepperling is a Journalism major who dreams of one day specializing in entertainment journalism, writing about Movies, Music, Video Games, TV Shows and more. His favorite movies are “Aladdin”, “Jaws”, and “Men In Black”. His favorite albums are “The Blue Album” by Weezer, “Self Titled” by Blink-182, and “Follow the Leader” by Korn. His favorite Video Game is “Forza Horizon 5”. His favorite TV show is “Mythbusters”.

Sammi “Carp” Carpenter, staff writer

From being raised at the college, Sammi Carpenter is now a sports medicine major at Hutchinson Community College. Sammi enjoys all things sports and is even on the HutchCC Athletic Training staff. When not on the training staff, Sammi enjoys taking photos (which she has done for 10 years), listening to music, reading, and watching Netflix.

Jolie Shultz, staff writer

Jolie Shultz is a recent graduate of Nickerson High School. Jolie is majoring in journalism and has plans to continue her education at Bethel College to earn a degree in marketing. In her free time, Jolie enjoys reading, listening to music, playing tennis, making friendship bracelets, and being with her friends and family.

Greta Klein, staff writer

Greta Klein grew up in Ellsworth, Kansas and is majoring in Journalism. Her desire as a journalist is to be involved with sports. She is a big softball fan and adores everything K-State. Greta’s favorite things include iced coffee, hammocking, and being outdoors. She also enjoys country music, card games, reading, and hanging out with friends.

Autumn Yates, staff writer

Hutchinson High School alumna, Autumn Yates, is looking forward to continuing her studies by majoring in Psychology at Hutchinson Community College. When not occupied with her coursework, she enjoys reading and doing anything creative. You can find her driving around town aimlessly for hours, spending far too much money on gas.

Daeton Winebrenner, staff writer

Graciela Vallejo, photographer

Born and raised into traveling, Grace spent most of her life moving states but claims Wichita as her home. She attended Circle High School for her senior year and is now attending Hutchinson Community College, studying Graphic Design. She enjoys photography, music, and art in general. Her favorite thing to do in her free time is visit family.

Cassidy Peterson, staff writer

Cassidy Peterson is a recent graduate from Haven High School who is majoring in Pre-Pharmacy. In her free time she likes to workout, swim, spend time with family and friends, and read books. Writing for a newspaper is a new and exciting hobby for her to try this year.

Cleary Percy, staff writer

Born in Wichita and raised in Hutchinson, Cleary Percy is a freshman at Hutchinson Community College. He is majoring in Education with a focus in History. In his free time, Cleary enjoys running, traveling, spending time with family, and listening to way too many podcasts.

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