Meet the staff

The Hutchinson Collegian is the student newspaper of Hutchinson Community College. We publish approximately 20 newspapers, distributed on Fridays, during the school year.

Meet our spring 2021 staff:

Samarah (Sam) Bailey, Editor In Chief

Born in Kansas and moving to Missouri is never a good idea for anyone but Sam survived the Border War rivalry for over a decade. Deciding to finally take the side of Kansas, she came to HutchCC to major in Journalism and play softball. She is now pretending to be a journalism expert on The Hutchinson Collegian. 

Not a fan of haiku, Sam does love playing softball and has for as long as she can remember. She also excels at faking it until she makes it. An Honors Club member, Sam has a multitude of nicknames, including “Samurai Sam”, “Slammin’ Sammie” and “Where’s Sam”.


Bailey Pennycuff, Co-Sports Editor

One of two softball players on staff, Bailey – the reigning “SpongeBob Square Pants Award” winner – comes to The Collegian with more than just an impressive softball resume. A state champion softball player at Augusta, Bailey was also heavily involved in journalism. Filled with boundless energy, Bailey is a pre-dental hygiene major, and will share the sports duties with Adam Kolb.


Adam Kolb, Co-Sports Editor

Adam is a freshman at HutchCC and is a major in journalism. He is a co- sports editor for the Collegian. He graduated from Nickerson High School. He enjoys watching sports, reading and hanging out with friends. His favorite basketball team is the Toronto Raptors, and his favorite soccer teams are Sporting Kansas City and Liverpool.


Laci Sutton, Staff Writer

Another Nickerson graduate, Laci is in her second year with the Collegian staff. She is a first year nursing student at HutchCC. In addition to the ADN program here on campus, she is working with the University of Kansas to get her BSN via online courses. In the little free time she does have she enjoys playing with her niece, Makenzie, spending time with her family, and making fun of her best friend (and our former editor) Tabitha Barr.

Aaron Strain, Opinion Page Editor

When Aaron speaks, people listen. An expert in politics, Mexican food and wisdom, Aaron moves over from being Online Editor this semester.



Leslie Grajeda, staff writer


Kyran Crist, Online Editor

Kyran Crist is a homeschooled graduate in her first year as a Collegian staff member. Kyran is a sophomore majoring in journalism. Kyran enjoys reading, baking desserts, and making coffee in her free time.



Brooke Greene, staff writer

Brooke Greene studied at Hutchinson High School, which is where she discovered her love for writing and is now in the second year of her journalism degree at HutchCC. Greene spends most of her time making candles, practicing photography, and taking care of her two ball pythons. She advocates her love for being a snake mom and helps others overcome their fears of these legless creatures. 


Joel Muhs, staff writer

Hailing from McPherson, Joel was homeschooled his entire until attending Hutchinson Community College, where he is a journalism major with aspirations to become a sports writer. He enjoys anything and everything that has to do with sports at all levels, but his two favorite teams (amongst many others) are the Kansas Jayhawks and the TCU Horned Frogs.


Zariah Perilla-Best, staff writer

Zariah Best is an English major in her freshman year. She writes for the Hutchinson Collegian, helps out with the podcast, and has a happy attitude most days. She loves coffee, sweets, and spending time with friends. She also is secretary of the Dragon Lan club, and does her best to be involved in school activities. 

Danielle Gadberry, staff wrter

Danielle Gadberry is a graduate of the tiny school, Little River High School. She is very confused on what she wants to be when she grows up, but has decided for now that Journalism and Communications will serve her needs. Gadberry believes she is a strong writer, and even has a poem published titled “Remembered” written about her grandmother in the Gifted Penman’s Poetry Collection.

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