The Hutchinson Collegian is the student newspaper of Hutchinson Community College. We publish 21 newspapers, distributed on Fridays, during the school year.

Meet our Spring 2022 staff:

Brooke Greene, Editor In Chief

Born and raised in Hutchinson, Brooke came straight from Hutchinson High School to Hutchinson Community College to pursue her journalism degree. She later changed course and decided police science was where she belonged. Now involved with Hutchinson Police Department, she gets first-hand experience as to what it’s like being a patrol officer and hopes to join their staff after this summer. Her daughter will be the newest and smallest addition to our staff this semester. Brooke is a reptile lover, plant guru, first-time mother, and as an aspiring female officer, to her, the sky is the limit.

Sawyer, First Daughter

Sawyer is the daughter of our Editor in Chief. She hasn’t shown the urge to learn InDesign yet, as she generally sleeps during Wednesday labs, but she has shown us the real way to live life.

Laci Sutton, Opinion Page Editor

Laci is in her third year with the Collegian staff this year. She is a second-year nursing student here at HutchCC. In addition to the ADN program here on campus, she is working with the University of Kansas to get her BSN via online courses. In the little free time she does have she enjoys playing with her niece, Makenzie, spending time with her family, and judging Collegian advisor Brad Hallier for his love of hot coffee.

Zariah Perilla-Best, staff writer

From San Jose, California, Zariah Best grew up constantly writing and became an author in her junior year of highschool. She is now an English major at Hutchinson Community College and is aspiring to teach at university level. 

Cole Deutschendorf, Sports Editor

Born in Newton, Cole Deutschendorf graduated from Hesston High before coming to Hutchinson for his first two semesters of college. He plans on moving on to Kansas State University after a full year on campus, and has the dream of becoming a broadcaster for a professional sports team in the future. He has a love for sports, including football, basketball, and tennis. 

Aubreigh Heck, Sports Editor

Aubreigh Heck started at Hutchinson Community College in 2020 after moving from Las Vegas. This is her first year as a staff writer, and she hopes to become a professional sports writer after all is said and done. After moving on from HutchCC, she plans to earn a degree in journalism at a four year school. She is all about the NHL, MLB, and NFL, with her favorite teams being the Vegas Golden Knights, Kansas City Royals, and Kansas City Chiefs. 

Ben Short, Online Editor

Born in raised in Abilene, Kansas, Ben grew up with a love of sports. He attended Abilene High School where he was a 2-year letterman in baseball and was a 3-year member of the Abilene Booster newspaper. Ben plans on attending HutchCC for two years and then transferring to Kansas State where he plans to earn his bachelor’s degree in journalism.

Colin Shields, staff writer

You want to know what winning looks like? Look no further than Colin, who after an illustrious high school football career at Maize South, is now a conference champion quarterback for the Blue Dragons. A journalism major, Colin will look to add his byline in the spring, in addition to recording podcasts.

Jayshaun Jones, Social Media Coordinator

A legendary Abilene athlete who has aspirations on sports journalism, Jayshaun is a freshman and long-suffering Chicago sports fan. Fun fact – Jayshaun never lost a high school soccer game at Abilene … while playing football.

Shelby Spreier, photographer

An agriculture major, Shelby is in her second semester on staff as a photographer. A Newton native, Shelby takes so many credit hours that she might be on the brink of her Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate already.

Lee Wellman, photographer

A Holton freshman, Lee enters his second semester on staff as a photographer. Full of energy and a talented musician to boot, Lee will be visible at many campus events again this semester. Just look for the dude with impressive hair.

Danae Moser, staff writer/photographer

Danae Moser graduated from Buhler high school in 2019. During her time at Buhler she spent most of her time taking pictures for the yearbook. While she was not taking pictures of various sports and activities around the school she was working at the YMCA as a lifeguard and swim lesson teacher. When she graduated from Buhler she was asked to coach her swim team and she agreed so she’s been doing that ever since. Miss Moser’s plan for the future is to finish her Associates Degree and major in Graphic Design at Hutchinson Community College then work for a local marketing company

Maegan Vincent, staff writer

Maegan is a sophomore here at Hutch CC and majoring in Creative Writing. She enjoys writing and creating, and this is her second semester writing for the Collegian.  Although she is unsure which college she wants to attend after she graduates, Maegan plans on continuing her education with a four-year degree.

Mason Poepperling, staff writer

A movie expert who loses track of his morning Pepsi while in Shears 207, Mason is in his first semester as a staff member.

Colton Fast, staff writer

Our resident Esports star, Colton is a Nickerson freshman studying journalism. A standout high school basketball who may have been a soccer goalkeeper star as well, Colton has aspirations on becoming a sports journalist. In the fall, Colton was the NJCAAc NBA2K21 national champion, HutchCC’s first Esports national champion.

Braedon Martin, staff writer

A wisecracking freshman from Hutchinson, who graduated from Buhler High School, Martin has a sharp wit and the vocabulary of a sailor. He’s a talented gamer, and is determined one day to find the infamous “Hamburger Man” at Sandhills State Park.

Brendan Ulmer, staff writer

Brendan Ulmer is a freshman from Olathe. He has 2 perfect angel dogs and he won his elementary school geography bee in the 5th grade. He’s a firm believer that the Chesapeake bay is in Maryland.

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