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Tim Evans, the Career Development Coordinator and advisor of Industrial Technology, lists this single, loaded, adjective as a representation for his goals following his retirement after this semester.

Evans, however, seemed to implement this goal for every one of his students in his 23 years at HutchCC before turning the word onto himself. Evans guided students to become “more.”

Evans himself is the son of two community college professors, who provided him with his first model of the impact of education.

“I saw the satisfaction that they got out of it,” Evans said. “One thing in my life that I think is important is not so much money, but making a difference.”

As an advisor, that difference lies not in personal accomplishments or completed projects, but in students’ lives. He champions the underdog and advocates for a school that invites every student to thrive in their place. In Industrial Technology, Evans provides the tools for students to build a door that they can open.

Brooklyn Mayberry is one of those students.

“He’s been for the students and just been a real person to every student he meets and connects with,” said Mayberry, a current HutchCC student of Evans’. “He will leave knowing he did what he can to help every student make the college life a little bit more enjoyable.”

The impact on students, however, extends further than their short stay in the program.

“I liked it so much I came back and worked here,” said Tucker Beck, a former HutchCC student and current employee, a common trend within the department.

Evans said he enjoys the luxury of watching individuals grow from student, to colleague, to companion.

“(It’s) seeing students achieve,” Evans said, describing the joy of this process. “Seeing students that struggle keep with it.”

A continuation of this student-driven journey does not lie outside the realms of possibility for Evans’ upon his departure from HutchCC, though he prefers to leave all opportunities available. While Evans embarks upon retirement with the hopes of doing more for himself, he leaves behind a legacy at HutchCC of pushing students to do and to be more themselves.

“If I can make the world a better place, that to me is worthwhile,” Evans said. “ A life well lived.”

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