Growing up as a girl is a lot harder than growing up as a boy. Many people probably wouldn’t disagree, but many people probably don’t realize just much harder it is to grow up as a girl.

Here is a challenge for anyone who is reading this: think of something a teen girl likes that she won’t get made fun of for liking.

If you can’t think of anything don’t worry – that’s the point.

Young women are constantly poked fun at for enjoying simple things. Justin Bieber is a prime example of that. Before Bieber got into all his scandals, he was hated for no apparent reason, but because young girls liked him he became a target for vicious attacks.

Not only are women always made fun of for enjoying themselves, they are also sexualized from a very early age.

Imagine being a 13-year-old girl, and having to be sat down to be told that you can’t wear certain things or go to certain places alone because people will assume the worst of you, and may harm you for it.

Take Billie Eilish for example. She reached stardom before the age of 18, and when her 18th birthday hit, many people were making jokes about her finally being “legal.”

Growing up as a boy is hard too, but it doesn’t compare to having to grow up as a girl.

For the Collegian Editorial Board

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