By Ben Short
Online Editor

Everyone has seen it and talked about it, the elephant in the room is the war that Russia has started by attacking Ukraine.

The effects it has on the United States is unknown at this point, but there will soon be changes. Jason Knapp, a government professor here at Hutchinson Community College, showed a documentary Monday in Lockman Hall on the events leading up to the Russians attack on Ukraine.
As war is a horrific thing to see, a lot of Americans feel bad for what Ukraine is going through right now, but do Americans also need to worry? Will war come to our shores, or will we deploy troops to help Ukraine?

When asked what effects this war has on America, Knapp said, “If nobody stops Putin, he’s just gonna keep going. Oil consumption and grain production will definitely be affected.”

The United States gets oil from Russia, about 10% of the total consumption, so if the country goes into war, the amount we import from Russia could decline.

Another question is, could the United States have helped prevent this war?

“I don’t know if it could’ve been prevented,” Knapp said. “Americans and NATO countries don’t want to go to war right now.”

War is a horrific event to watch unfold, but it appears Americans don’t have much to worry about. At least, not yet.

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