Thirty-seven weeks and five days into my pregnancy, and our second semester of school just started. An interesting concept is how I will manage to have my first-born daughter and juggle a full-time education. My fingers are crossed in hopes she doesn’t try to arrive on a Sunday, since that is when I usually have the day off to knock out all of my online assignments.

My week usually has a familiar schedule – work, school, clean the house, see my family, and a doctor’s appointment or homework to do towards preparing for the arrival of my daughter. Here, any day now, that schedule is going to look more like feed the baby, change the baby’s diaper, feed the baby, burp the baby, put the baby down for a nap, take my own nap, pray she’s still asleep so I can feed myself, tidy up the house, feed the baby, attempt to do some homework, change the baby’s diaper, pack the baby up for her checkup, come home and feed, diaper, bathe, and ready the baby for bed.

You see how drastic the difference is, right?

Some ask “Why have a baby in college if it will keep you so busy?” My answer is because she’s worth it.

I have always wanted to be a mother, but with my career path being that of a patrol officer, it can be tricky to squeeze family planning into the mix. Being a pregnant cop would not likely be a very easy thing and most police departments put their pregnant officers on light duty. So, I put the baby first as I did not want to wait indefinitely to find another opportunity to begin my journey in motherhood.

Perhaps not the lifestyle choice others would make, but I have no regrets in my decision to pair college and a baby.

Thankfully all of my coursework is online, which will make it far easier to mother a newborn and be a student. With my prior degree in journalism, the new courses simply became more of a hobby to advance in my career.

During Christmas break, I was able to wrap up all of my plans for the little lady’s arrival. Her room is ready, her doctor is lined up, she has a million bows (courtesy of my youngest sister), and the essentials are all ready. The only thing I am still missing is, well, the baby.

The newest and smallest member of The Hutchinson Collegian is keeping me and my staff on our toes, as I will be taking maternity leave when she arrives. This will put two amazing writers – Aubreigh Heck and Cole Deutschendorf – in my place for the duration of my absence and give them an opportunity to show their skills, while I fold impeccably small laundry.

If you or someone you know is a first time mother in college, I would be happy to answer any questions or concerns about the trying task of handling both major life milestones. With fingers crossed for a safe and happy delivery, I hope to be back soon enough writing about motherhood and degrees.

Brooke Greene is a Hutchinson student who has a journalism degree and is now studying police science. She is the Collegian’s Editor In Chief and is nine months pregnant.

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