By Colin Shields
Staff writer

Starting a new semester of college can be tough. Classes are different, students have transferred in and out to new places, and the newness of a new year has likely rubbed off, likely leaving students with a funky blue feeling.

When searching for answers on how students could break out of this spring semester funk, Christopher Lau, Hutchinson Community College’s Vice President of Student Services, said it was possible there was an “Omicron cloud overhead that may contribute to some students feeling in a bit of a funk.”

To break this funk, Lau said that he recommends students, “make time for friends and family, work hard both inside and outside of the classroom, and if students aren’t involved, seek to join a student activity/organization.”

These blues are being battled by Connor Gellender, a Lawrence freshman in his second semester at HutchCC.

“I think I’ve been a little less motivated since I’m not in my first semester anymore,” Gellender said. “That excitement of a new journey has kind of worn off on me. Us being in the offseason for football has also given me a lot more free time that I didn’t always have during the fall semester.”

Gellender said some of his friends and Blue Dragon teammates transferred between semesters.

“Some of my friends left for Division 1 schools over the break, so not having them around has been a little weird as well,” he said.

However, Gellender has found plenty of ways to fill in his free time.

“Golfing, playing mini-golf, and bowling with my friends from the (football) team have helped me escape from my daily routine at school,” Gellender said. “It’s definitely something I’d recommend if you are ever looking for something to do.”

Cade “Bo$$hog” Lopez, a Salina sophomore, has taken a different approach to the new semester.

“I’ve spent my time going to the gym, hanging out at the library, or studying my favorite sport (football),” Lopez said. “I also attend Crosspoint Church’s Challenge Night on Monday nights at 8 p.m.”

Being a veteran college student has brought some experience with it.

“I feel like this is another normal semester for me. Being here, going into my fourth semester, has given me the experience of knowing what it’s like to have friends move on to higher levels to achieve their dreams and motivates me to want to do the same.”

Lopez said he believes only one thing is capable of breaking students out of their funk.

“Changing everyday to Quesadilla Day would definitely brighten everyone’s mood on campus,” Lopez said about the popular Wednesday lunch staple in the HutchCC cafeteria.

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