By: Emily Fehrman / Opinion Page Editor

Spending time with your significant other is always eventful, but I spent last weekend with mine and we were both severely sick.

Even though we felt like we were about to kick the bucket, we still found ways to take care of each other and have a great weekend.

I bought us movie tickets before we’d fallen ill, so we went anyway because you know… tickets aren’t cheap at AMC, especially for a broke college student.

So before we went, I made sure to take plenty of medicine and pack an ungodly amount of tissues.

Let me spew the sick knowledge I’ve gathered throughout the years from my mother to you college kids who don’t want your parent(s) to tell you “I told you so.”

All because you didn’t listen to them about taking care of yourself while away. It’s all about knowing the time frame to administer the meds. Take the DayQuil first thing in the morning along with a Mucinex. Twelve hours after you take the Mucinex, make sure to take another one if you’re still congested or a runny nose comes back.

If your nose is swollen and irritated, take your preferred anti-inflammatory, and retake them at the designated time.

Make sure to stay hydrated and maybe eat a slightly healthier diet, it’s linked to your immune system. Drink some orange juice also while you’re at it.

Make sure to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer while on campus. Who knows where anyone’s hands have been before they touched the doors or the railings.

I know that between school, work, and practice (whether you’re in a sport or other extracurriculars), it can be hard to wrangle in your horrible sleep schedule. But at least try a little bit, because getting rest is exactly what your body needs to get over whatever it’s fighting off.

Airborne Gummies are like EmergenC on crack and work better than anything else I’ve tried yet.

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