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We all know of laws that are actually legit and make no sense With these in mind, Kansas might take the cake for having a law that is completely irresponsible. The law states that it is legal for sexual battery to occur between spouses. How in the world is this just now coming to our attention?

In 2019, Kansas lawmakers tried to repeal the law, but it failed as it wasn’t looked at before a set deadline. This makes us think about several things, as it could have easily been repealed if someone in power would have paid attention to what was on their desk. Maybe there are some people that didn’t want to accept the fact that this current law is bad publicity.

It’s definitely time for a change. Sexual violence is already common in marriages and to have this law in place puts a lot of people at risk. According to the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey data done in 2015, only 18 percent of women experience sexual violence. But that is what’s reported, not the true number.

Unreported incidents are more common than people realize. It’s hard for men and women to come forward with this because it’s seen as embarrassing and they often receive ridicule. Not to mention it could put them in even more danger.

We need this law to be repealed. Violence can happen even with people you are close to. Be aware of the signs, help those in need, and understand that laws need to have people’s best interests in mind.

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