By Laci Sutton / Staff Writer

Picture this – you wake up at 7:45 a.m., your first class of the day starts in 15 minutes. You fly out of bed, throw on the closest pieces of clothing, brush your teeth, grab your belongings, and rush out the door. You get your car started, but quickly realize the Kansas winter weather is not your friend.

Jumping out of your car, you carelessly scrape your windows and get back in. Shivering from the frigid air, you’re ready to put the pedal to the metal. You arrive safely to campus and are about to pull into the same lot you’ve parked in every day since you started classes when you see it.

“No Parking – Violators may be subject to being towed.”

You groan looking at the time, quickly get your car moved, park, and rush into class just as your professor is about to begin. You look at them apologetically and find your seat, ready to get your day going.

While this may sound like a nightmare to some, it could become a reality for the students and staff at Hutchinson Community College.

On the west side of Plum Street between 11th and 12th avenues, there is an unpaved parking lot that the landowners have allowed HutchCC students and faculty to use for many years. At the beginning of this year, the college was informed that this lot will no longer be available for use.

“They are preparing both the lot and adjacent property for sale,” said Don Rose, HutchCC Director of Facilities.

“No Parking” signs will be posted, and violators may be subject to towing.

“I would not expect to see public parking here again,” Rose said.

With the retraction of this parking lot, there are a few alternatives for commuting students. There are paved lots available located across the street from the Cosmosphere (southeast corner of 11th Ave. and Plum Street), across the street from Rimmer Learning Center (west side of Plum between 12th and 13th), and the main lot located between Parker Student Union, Lockman Hall, and Shears Technology Center. Students are also welcome to park in the available spaces of the Sports Arena parking lot, as well as the lot to the south of the Stringer Fine Arts Center.

HutchCC offers free parking passes for students who wish to utilize the college’s parking options.

Parking lots aren’t your forte? Once the weather warms up, park your ride a few blocks from campus and take a nice stroll to get some fresh air before cracking the books.

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