The Women’s Corner: Hey bra, let’s not

Tabitha Barr

This week’s topic has been touched on just a little bit in past editions, but I wanted to write a column solemnly for this predicament. Clothes for women are generally more expensive than men and we have more clothing to buy anyway.

But what I don’t get is why the things we wear under our clothes cost so damn much. Especially when we go without them, society looks down at us like we committed the worst sin.

The question I have asked myself for the longest time is why are undergarments so expensive when they are literally just there to hold us in place. Whether it be underwear, bras, or lingerie, they are all too expensive for what they are made for.

When searching online for prices, I decided to go to and see what they had. I searched the word bra and came up with many choices that ranged anywhere from $30 to $60. I don’t know about any of you, but this is normal pricing for bras and I think that it’s quite ridiculous.

Underwear at Kohl’s runs around $20 – $35, and that continues to be a norm in today’s market but it still doesn’t make it any less angering.

And don’t even get me started on women’s lingerie. For something that is made with so little fabric, it sure is expensive enough to be a full length coat. Lingerie can range in prices all over. On Kohl’s, I’ve seen some as low as $20 and as high as $80. Now tell me again how a company can make so much money off of something with so little fabric? Because I am absolutely stumped and I just feel beat.

Yes, women like to dress up cute sometimes. Whether it be for themselves or others, it’s nice to feel cute in these types of clothes. It is common for women to be excited when they buy a new bra, underwear and lingerie. Which we should be excited because if we are spending that much money on these, then we can be as happy as we want.

I figured I would look at one more source, and why not go to the most popular of them all. Searching Victoria’s Secret, I just started straight up laughing. When looking at the underwear with the least amount a fabric, you find that the price is for some reason jacked way up compared to those with more fabric. If that’s not ridiculous, I don’t know what is.

Something that is supposed to show more skin, should not end up being more damaging to my paycheck. The same goes with lingerie where something that covers very little of a woman’s body costs insanely way too much.

I’ve found that there really isn’t much that can be solved about this problem. I feel like bras, underwear and lingerie will forever be more expensive when there less fabric. It’s just how the fashion companies work but it doesn’t mean I can’t voice my opinion.

Tabitha Barr is a Nickerson freshman studying Media Communications and Production

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