We don’t know about you, but we are completely tired of Kansas’ bipolar weather moods.

One day, it is in the mid 70s, and the next it is freezing cold with snow and ice all pelting our faces and making us slip on our … butts. We can all agree that this winter is more messed than all of us college students combined. And that’s saying something.

Due to this insane weather, accidents have spiked in Hutchinson and college students are paying the price more than others. When classes don’t end up getting canceled, we are stuck driving in slippery conditions and walking on campus sidewalks that haven’t been salted yet.

Too many students have said that they fell on campus during those snow days. Our newspaper staff even had some falls and close calls when delivering the past couple Friday mornings.

It can be agreed upon that the crazy weather and the immense amount of snow and ice needs to stop. First of all, Kansas, you need to pick whether you want to be in the season of winter or spring and stay there. Second, it would be much appreciated if you could stop it with these bizarre snowfalls that come with the lovely addition of ice.

We don’t need or want that anymore! We never did!

All we want is consistent weather that doesn’t make us more inclined to crash our vehicles. College students are already more likely to get into vehicle crashes due to distracted and unsafe driving and it doesn’t help when ice renders us from being able to stop at a red lights. One of the most dangerous times is turning left at intersections where there are no green arrows available. The intersection at 11th Avenue and Plum Street close to campus is one of the most dangerous spots by the college. All students need to be extra careful around campus streets because they tend to get very busy and unsafe, especially in these insane weather conditions.

Please be safe in walking and driving in Kansas’s stupid weather, because we want all of you to graduate without slipping on ice and breaking a hip before we’re 80-years old.

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