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Many artists leave their old lives behind once they reach success. Quinn XCII, on the other hand, embraces who he was and is today, both the good and the bad, through this album.

Quinn XCII (pronounced Quinn 92) is an artist from Detroit, Michigan.

His sophomore album, “From Michigan With Love”, serves as a tribute to his home state.

“From Michigan With Love” covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from anxiety to toxic masculinity. Somehow, he finds a way to make the songs that cover these difficult topics upbeat and fresh. With his reggae-style tone, exhilarating production, and refreshing features, I can confidently say there is not a bad song on this album.

While Quinn doesn’t shy away from serious material, he still has fun with his music. “Tough ft. Noah Kahan” addresses the concept of toxic masculinity, but in a way that is honestly hilarious. It’s impossible to hear the line “Are you insecure that the steroids are causing hair loss?”and not laugh. He wants you to know it’s a serious topic, but he’s not going to force feed it down your throat, or in this case, ears.

Quinn XCII opens up about his own anxiety in three different songs, each one addressing a different aspect of anxiety. “Autopilot”focuses on how his anxiety affects him on a day-to-day basis, while “Sad Still”is a call to stop the stigmatization of mental illnesses like anxiety. “Life Must Go On ft. Jon Bellion” is a power anthem for those who feel like their own minds are against them. Plus, it features another one of my favorite artists, the amazing Jon Bellion.

Every album needs a few break-up songs, and Quinn XCII most definitely delivers. If you’re stuck in the middle of a toxic relationship, “Werewolf ft. Yoshi Flower”is the song for you. For a relationship that is burning you out, “Matches” might be the way to go. Holding Hands ft. Elohim covers a fading relationship that neither party wants to let go of, while U & Us makes it clear that one person has decided to move on.

Love ballads are just as important as those break-up songs. “When I Die”has Quinn XCII reminiscing on all the little things he’ll remember about his love until the very end. In a somewhat similar concept, “Good Thing Go” serves as a reminder to cherish those little things every day. The song “Abel & Cain”is an acknowledgment that he doesn’t deserve the amazing love he has, and how he needs to work on that.

I didn’t cover these tracks in any specific order, but I’m ending it with the last track on the album. “Right Where You Should Be ft. Ashe & LouisFuton”is a different kind of love song, one about loving yourself. No matter how difficult the days may be and how much you want it to end, you are right where you should be. Here.

As I’ve said, there are no bad songs on this album. However, I do have a few favorites. “Werewolf ft. Yoshi Flower” is such a funky upbeat song I almost forget it’s about a toxic relationship. Sad Still had me dancing along to the beat while holding back tears. “Life Must Go On ft. Jon Bellion” has such an interesting flow to it as well as a positive message.

I highly recommend checking out any other artist signed to same record label, Visionary Music Group. Every artist signed to Visionary Music Group is amazing. Make sure to give “From Michigan With Love”a listen. You deserve to bless your ears with some great music.

Jared Shuff is a Hutchinson freshman studying journalism

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