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By Jared Shuff
Staff Writer

If you’ve been to Stringer Fine Arts Center anytime recently, you may have noticed some unique artwork posted on one of the walls.

Two stunning charcoal nude drawings are on display in order to advertise a particular art class focusing on human anatomy.

This class, AR112 Figure Drawing, is taught by Scott Brown, the Fine Arts Instructor at Hutchinson Community College. The two paintings were drawn by him back in graduate school.

It helps give a better understanding of the human form and structure. According to Brown, it is a must-have for people interested in the visual arts, architecture, or any student thinking of being a fine arts major.

“It’s great for anybody interested in taking a relaxing art class,” Brown said.

Along with the understanding of human form in art, a student will also learn different techniques with multiple types of drawing materials.

Brown used a technique known as reductive charcoal drawing. In this process, the artist darkens a sheet of paper with charcoal, then blends it to an even grey. After this, the artist uses an eraser to create shapes and images.

Each drawing took about two hours. When asked if he had any difficulties creating them, he had a surprising response.

“For me, they’re mindless,” Brown said. “It’s the one activity I don’t have to think a lot about.”

As for the class, Brown is hoping the artwork will increase enrollment. The class has been offered since 2005, but has normally been taught during the summer. It can get pretty hot in the art studio during these months.

“We figured we’d try it in the spring,” Brown said.

He said he hopes that the artwork along with the semester change in “draw” more people to the class.

If any students are interested in enrolling, there is still time to meet with an advisor to add this class to your schedule.

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