For a lot of people, the world of Marvel became an escape from reality. Superheroes and existed and gave people a sense of hope that good is in this world.

Stan Lee gave the world many universes full of inspiring people doing amazing things. Sadly, the legend himself passed away Monday and the hearts of many have shattered.

Lee was the co-creator of so many heroes in the Marvel universe and gave people from all over a new world to live in.

His passing was a shock to many and sent waves of hurt through fans everywhere.

Stan started his business in 1939 and started creating many characters that have become favorites in today’s society. Some of these characters include Hulk, Black Panther, Iron Man and Spiderman.

He brought a whole new life to comics by not only focusing on the super aspect, but on the human behind the mask.

That’s what made his characters so loving because they portrayed their human side to the public and showed that superhumans have regular problems too.

His works have given life to so many jobs in the industry through comic books and the movies.

People have gained so much by just having Lee in their lives. His creations made people fascinated about the fight between good and evil.

We will miss him greatly and honor him by watching and reading his works and remembering how great of a man he was.

Rest in peace Stan Lee. Your legacy will live on forever.

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