This app is simply Cash

By Pablo Sanchez
Campus Editor

Cash (me) outside how outside how bout dat?

Cash is an app in the Google Play store you can download, and after you download it you can invite your friends, and you and your friend will receive $5.

The app only needs your phone number or your email, which ever students prefer is best. Students will then make a username, this will be your $cashtag, followed by your name that you want it to be.

Once students or adults have completed those steps, the first thing that will pop out is a green screen, with a big $0, along with digits at the bottom, as if you are about to call someone. Students can request up to $99,000, but that’s up to whoever is willing to spend that much, and if that’s the case please hit me up.

However, adults or students can pay for dinner, rent, etc. Sometimes, students may not even want to receive cash anymore, and to have this happen simply tap the left corner, and scroll all the way down and tap privacy, and then switch it off not to receive cash.

Cash will give you a free debit card, and students or adults can customize however they like with limitations, but before making one it will give you an option to “boost” your card.

There are nine different places students can choose from, and from those different places, it will tell that it will only work every 30 minutes. It will allow you to use 10 percent off on the item, and at no extra cost using a boost card.

Whether students or adults are going out to eat, and don’t have money on them, anyone can send money over to them by simply finding their $cashtag and sending them any amount of money.

I highly recommend only sending money to friends who will pay back, and those who will not.

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