By Brenna Eller

The Kansas State Fair had quite the variety of bands this year.

One such band was The Beach Boys, who recently began their 2018 Now and Then tour in June and came to  Hutchinson on Sept. 15.

Some of the Hutchinson Community College cheerleaders were called on stage to perform with the group to the song, “True to Your School” and had “Fun Fun Fun” doing it.

Lauren Musick, a HutchCC cheerleader from Hutchinson, was one of the girls who went up on stage.

“I was super excited to perform with the band, but the nerves got to me when I saw how big thecrowd was,” said Musick.

Despite her nerves, Musick said, “The experience itself was one I will always remember.”

A Leavenworth native, Brooke Holcomb, was another cheerleader who appeared on stage with The Beach Boys. Holcomb was awestruck upon being onstage with the group.

“It felt like a dream, because they are super famous, and I am a Beach Boys fan,” Holcomb said.

Out of all of the cheerleaders, Holcomb had the closest encounter with Bruce Johnston.

“The lead guitarist put his guitar on me and reached around and started playing while I had it on,” Holcomb said.

Not only did these girls meet them, but they also got to go backstage with The Beach Boys.

“Being backstage, they treated you like royalty,” Holcomb said.

Hannah Moore, McPherson, also enjoyed the encounter with The Beach Boys.

“I was super excited, and you actually couldn’t see many fans because of how bright the lights were, so I feel like that took away a lot of the nervousness,” Moore said.

Moore said that there were about 10 HutchCC cheerleaders invited on stage. When asked about whether or not she was a fan of The Beach Boys, Moore said, “I had heard of them and recognized a lot of their songs.”

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