The Women’s Corner: #WhyIDidntReport needs to be heard

Tabitha Barr

This week, I was having a hard time deciding what my topic should be. Every idea that I had was bland.

But lo and behold, that a topic should fall in my lap from someone who’s supposed to set a good example.

The President of the United States tweeted out an angering tweet about sexual assault accusations against Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh. To sum up his tweet, it stated that if the accuser, Christine Ford, was really telling the truth, and that the situation was as bad as she said, that it would have been reported immediately.

This triggered a hashtag that brings the hard core reality to the surface. #WhyIDidntReport is where women are sharing their saddening stories of why they didn’t report their situations of sexual assault. I started reading threads after threads of women’s experiences, and I was heartbroken and angry. Multiple people are coming out with why they didn’t report it to the police, and why they shouldn’t be ridiculed for fear of coming forward.

One tweet stated, “It took me 40yrs to understand that I wasn’t at fault.” Another went on to say, “I’d been conditioned to believe I had asked for it, and that a man’s pleasure is more important than my right to say no.” These reports are so saddening to see because no woman should live in fear of rape, let alone be afraid of coming forward and telling the truth of what really happened.

It’s crazy to me that we live in a society that ignores the pleas of tragedy. I can’t wrap my head around it, because why would it be instinct for humans to think that a person is lying when they say they’ve been sexually assaulted? The big question is why is someone, who is supposed to be a good example and an inspiration to the people, dismissing something he knows nothing about?

As president, the person who holds this position, is there to better our country and help people. However, it doesn’t seem like he cares one bit about women’s rights and the experiences we have to share. But this movement is another way for women and future generations to see what one person’s story can unlock. For all of those who have been wronged, I want to let you know that you are not alone. Women all around the globe are coming forward with their stories and they are making headway in putting those wrongdoers away.

I hope this movement keeps helping those who were too afraid to speak up. Victims deserve to be heard and are gaining headway day-byday. “The Women’s March” on Twitter tweeted, “#WhyIDidntReport • There are too many of these stories. • Too many of us have these stories. • Too many of us have never felt safe to share them. And men like @realDonaldTrump are why.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. The #WhyIDidntReport is making an impact on a global scale. And hopefully one day, with strong and empowering women behind it, this hashtag won’t relate to as many as it does.

Tabitha Barr is a Nickerson freshman studying Media Communications and Production.

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