By Rebecca Carney
Co-Sports Editor

Hutchinson Community College head soccer coach Sammy Lane recently reached a milestone in his career.

Lane and the HutchCC women’s soccer team defeated Pratt Community College on Saturday 2-0, earning Lane his 200th win as Blue Dragons coach. Lane, the only coach in team history, has worked hard over the years to create a name for the women’s soccer team, and his hard work is paying off.

For Lane, the best thing about reaching 200 wins was the messages he received.

“The wins mean an awful lot, but to get the messages from some of the girls was really touching,” Lane said. Here’s a sampling of what former players had to say to Lane after Saturday’s win, via social media or text messaging.

“Congrats on the 200th win Sammy! So thankful I could be a part of your success at Hutch! Thanks for teaching me everything you know! Miss playing for you” – Jordan Downing, HutchCC, 2015-2016, text message

“Thanks for always believing in me and having my back!! Happy to be playing and doing well but always a Blue Drag at heart!!” – Dayna Johnson, 2015-2016, text message

“I wouldn’t have got to where I am today without you” – Ashley Burnett, 2009-2010, and current PrattCC coach, text message

“He is one of a kind, the kind that always teaches us life is n’t always easy but we’re going to have to face it anyway. This coach helped me succeed in many ways, on and off the field. Congrats on your 200 wins, nobody deserves it more!” – Chloe Flynn, 2016- 2017, Twitter

“Huge congrats on 200 wins!! Thanks for pushing me to my absolute limits and making me a better person on and off the field. Never thought I would say I miss you yelling at me for laughing all the time :/ You deserve this !” – Meagan Grantham, 2016-2017, Twitter

“Best coach I’ve ever had. Hands down. Taught me a lot of valuable lessons.” – Adriene (Similton) Engstrom, 2005-2006, Facebook

“Congrats! I can still remember you yelling down the sideline ‘come on you old Pollock.’” – Jenny Mossman, 2005-2006, Facebook

All-Time Blue Dragon Coaches 200-Win Club
Jaime Rose, softball, 413
Ronda Shirley, volleyball, 347
John Ontjes, women’s basketball, 314
John Burgi, baseball, 314
Kyle Crookes, baseball, 292
Steve Eck, men’s basketball, 260
Charles Sesher, men’s basketball, 259
Becky Endicott, volleyball, 237
Becky Endicott, softball, 236
Ryan Schmidt, baseball, 221
Sammy Lane, soccer, 200

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