Hutchinson Community College has had some amazing athletic talent from all over the country, and even from other countries. So what is the reasoning for the decline of student support?

Is it busy schedules, work, or is everyone just being a bump on a log while there are HutchCC sport events going on? Whatever the excuse, the Blue Dragons should have a lot more student fans in their audience. Lately though, that has not been the case.

The HutchCC men’s and women’s basketball teams have been phenomenal this year, but who was there to witness?

Sure, there may be some party or hang out off campus somewhere, but isn’t it a better idea to not risk anything and still go to a game for fun?

In the fall, the excuse might’ve been that the football games were on Saturdays when students would go to their hometown, but for basketball, there isn’t really an excuse not to go when the games are spread out through the weekdays.

Even though this is a two-year college, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be proud of it. You are a student here at HutchCC, so why wouldn’t you cheer for your school team?

There’s no rule that says you can’t root for your hometown when they have a game, and the Blue Dragons too. Show that same school pride you had for your high school and support your peers.

If you still have too busy of a schedule, then that is a real issue that could possibly be fixed by managing time better and more efficiently for school work.

We aren’t asking you to quit your job or drop all of your homework. Just that it would be nice to see some students at the home games cheering on the teams.

The athletes would probably appreciate it more than you know and might be more excited and pumped up if they hear the crowd.

It’s sad when faculty and family, community members are the majority of a gymnasium. So don’t be a bump on a log. Go out and support your school, people, it’s just that simple.

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