By Shelby Horton

Dear Shelby,

How do I get men to understand that I’m unavailable and not looking for a hook-up?

Dear Unavailable,

If I guy is showing signs of being attracted to you, or is very direct about it, be blunt and ask him if he is looking for something more than being friends.

If he is, tell him that you’re unavailable, and nothing will change your mind about that.

If he is not okay with that, then it’s time to tell him goodbye, because you don’t need someone like that.

If the guy becomes increasingly upset or shows no sign of stopping his advances, report him to the school. By not taking no for an answer, and consistently trying to harass you into becoming available for him, he could be committing sexual harassment.

No one should pressure other people into making themselves available just to fulfill their selfish needs.

Dear Shelby,

Do you think Hutchinson Community College requiring students to participate in the “Think About It” training will help stop sexual harassment or catcalling issues on campus?

Dear Concerned,

HCC took a step forward in educating students with the “Think About It” program, and it shows that they regard student safety as a major concern for HCC.

I have completed the program and I found it educational and helpful.

It helps students learn what to do in cases where they observe a situation that involves sexual assault, or harassment.

However, learning about these issues is only half the battle. Now is time to put what we’ve learned into practice.

If students help keep track of their friends and other students on campus, we can get closer to making this campus safer for current and future students of HCC.

Dear Shelby,

Spring Break is coming up, which means wild parties. Hook-ups are notorious for this time of year would it be ok if I had one just to try it?

Dear Spring-Breaker,

A hook-up can range from having sex to just making out with a stranger, it is sometimes considered to be part of a cornerstone of the Spring Breaker experience.

Though casual sex is becoming a more common practice among many individuals, there are some major risks to doing this.

If you decide to participate in a hook-up during Spring Break, understand you are getting intimate with someone you hardly know.

This person may have a sexual disease, and might not be completely honest when telling you about their sexual history.

If you plan on getting into this situation, carry protection with you, and do not get into any sexual situation when you’re intoxicated.

Also, make sure you’re both giving consent in the situation. But you don’t need to have a hook-up while having fun on Spring Break, it’s not a requirement and might end being a bad decision, in the end the choice is yours.

Dear Shelby,

My girlfriend loves to wear perfume, but she wears too much of it and it smells so bad to me. How do I tell her that her perfume smells bad and that I can’t stand it anymore?

Dear sensitive nose,

Be honest and open with your girlfriend.

Perfume can smell strong and not all scents are for everyone.

Discuss the reasons why that type of perfume bothers you, then talk about finding a perfume that both of you can enjoy.

If you don’t tell her the truth, something as small as this could affect your relationship, so just sit down and have a conversation about it.

Try going perfume shopping with her next time she goes shopping.

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