By Hannah Wallace

Disney’s Robin Hood is a classic children’s movie that was produced in 1973.

This G-rated film is great for the whole family.

This movie can be found on Netflix and still seems to be a popular pick among children today and many other age groups to this day.

Robin Hood and Little John are friends from Sherwood Forest that work together to steal money from the rich to give to the poor.

Prince John, the wealthiest person in town, takes money from the poor and keeps it for himself.

This makes the poor struggle even more, thus making them less fortunate than they already are.

The sheriff of Nottingham goes around collecting taxes for the prince.

Meanwhile, Robin Hood and Maid Marian rediscover each other and fall deeper in love.

Robin Hood is a wanted criminal to some, but a hero to most of the townspeople.

He was a hero especially to the children, the poor, and Maid Marian.

Throughout the movie, many of the townspeople are being put in jail because they can no longer pay their taxes.

Robin Hood is left to save the towns people by taking back their money from the king.

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