By Troy Daugherty

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is a flawed, but enjoyable movie overall.

As made obvious by the name, the story revolves around Batman and Superman’s quarrel with one another.

The movie is less of a straight-up fight and more of a battle of philosophies.

Batman, along with the government, believes Superman is too powerful to be left unchecked and Superman disagrees with the way Batman approaches taking down crime in such violent ways.

The movie has a lot of build-up, so if you are expecting a clobbering fest from start to finish then you may be disappointed.

This is definitely a Batman focused movie, as much of the plot revolves around what he is doing while the other characters pop in and out.

For the most part this works quite well, as Ben Affleck’s Batman is the highlight of this movie.

Affleck’s Batman feels battle-hardened, experienced, dark, and rugged; all characteristics that work really well with Batman.

The movie gives off the feeling that Batman knows what he is doing, which is in contrast with Superman, who is a relatively new hero.

The action sequences are well done. The battle between the heroes is entertaining, but the best scenes are when Batman just wrecks everyday criminals.

He is excessively violent and brutal and all of his fight scenes are simply amazing.

There are some problems with this movie as well though. Mostly though all of them boil down to one issue: pacing.

The movie just seems to randomly jump from one thing to the next a lot of times. There are also several dream sequences throughout the movie that honestly just do not make sense.

Despite the pacing issues the movie never gets confusing, so it isn’t something that ruins the movie by any means.

Overall, the movie has some scenes that feel out of place, but the acting is solid and the action scenes are enjoyable.

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