By Shelby Horton

Dear Shelby,

What are your qualifications to be giving advice out to the student body about sex?

Dear skeptical,

Though I am no doctor, therapist, or a researcher on sex, I am a student who is or has gone through some of the same things as what the other students are asking questions on.

If I do not know an answer to a question, I do what any person should do.

I conduct research and I ask more questions, I use scientific research, respected journals, and I even go as far as to ask doctors.

As a reporter I use those skills of investigation to get the best, unbiased answers I can give to my audience.

My main qualification is that I am a student who wants answers and has the experience to investigate in order to get the best attainable truth and facts.

Dear Shelby,

I work at a fast food restaurant and two of my co-workers have started a relationship. At first it was okay, but now it’s getting to be a problem. They flirt during the work day, they’re kissing when they think nobody’s looking, and if they’re having drama and they bring it to work, making all of the other workers uncomfortable. What do I do?

Dear drive-thru romance,

Co-workers dating can become a serious problem in the workplace because it’s bringing the personal life into a place of work.

When the situation gets to the point where the couple begins to make other coworkers uncomfortable, first attempt to talk to them in private and ask if they could tone it down while at work.

However, if they decide to ignore you and your co-workers’ pleas, go talk to your boss or manager about the situation and let them handle it accordingly.

Dear Shelby,

My girlfriend has a serious anxiety disorder and when she gets overstressed, I don’t how to help calm her down. I want to be a good boyfriend, so how can I help her out?

Dear concerned boyfriend,

I would recommend looking at http://www.adaa.org/finding-help/helping-others/spouse-or-partner.

This site gives some helpful advice on how to be a supportive partner to your girlfriend when she is dealing with anxiety.

The first step you should take in being a helpful partner is to learn about anxiety disorders so you can understand your partner better.

Also, never assume you know what your partner needs; ask how you can help.

Be a good listener so you have a proper understanding of what they need and the emotions they are going through.

Most importantly, understand that knowing when to be patient and when to push your partner can be challenging.

Having the proper balance will involve a lot of trial and errors.

Dear Shelby,

The school year is coming to an end, and I will be transferring to a different school than my boyfriend that I met here at HCC. Should I end the relationship or try to continue it even though we’re going to two different schools?

Dear Worried lover,

The choice will be yours in the end on what you feel that you can handle; long distant relationships are not for everyone.

If you choose to end the relationship because you don’t feel that you’re ready to handle a long distance relationship that is perfectly all right.

However, if you choose to stay with your current boyfriend, that is okay too.

It will be difficult, but if it makes you happy then go for it. In the end, do what makes you happy.

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