Dear Hannah, Where is the best place to eat in the city of Hutchinson, Kansas?

Dear Hungry,

There are many good places to eat here in Hutchinson, but if I had to make a recommendation it would be Antojitos El Barbas.

This traditional Mexican restaurant is located on 601 East 4th Avenue, by the Sonic, and is very price-friendly for broke college students.

Dear Hannah, How do I get my child to pay a substantial loan back to me without burning any bridges?

Dear Hurting,

I suggest you set up a payment plan that will be flexible not only for you but your child as well.

Make a certain amount, say, $20, due by the end of every month.

It will take a while to pay off but eventually it will happen.
If your child is a student it is a good idea to let them finish school first and then set up a payment plan. This will reduce the stress of thinking about school and the debt that they owe.

This will allow your child to focus on paying you back without any distractions of school.

Dear Hannah, How do I make a long distance college relationship last?

Dear long distance lover,

There are plenty of new technologies that allow you to keep in touch with people who may not be near, but are still dear to your heart.

Skype, Facebook, and Snap Chat are all good examples of programs that allow you to keep in touch with your friends and significant other or others.

On the other hand, dating someone closer might be a key element in eliminating this problem all together.

Dear Hannah, How do I stop being a Bit–?

Dear Not-so-Friendly Person,
You might want to start by thinking about the feelings of others and try not being so self-centered.

No, you don’t have to care, but at least pretend that you do.

You don’t have to like everyone — but a smile every now and then never hurt anyone.

If this column does not help you, I recommend counseling to help you get out some of the unexplained, underlying anger that you may have pent up inside.

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