a: an insulting or disparaging remark or innuendo

Typically, slurs are words that have been weaponized by oppressors. Most people will be aware of the n-word and how it’s been used throughout history.

Slurs are generally considered bad things to say. They shouldn’t be shouted, and definitely not in a crowded stadium at an opposing team.

Mexican soccer fans have been yelling an anti-gay slur at opposing teams, specifically goalkeepers. Yes, the word has more than one translation, but it is widely used to mean “male prostitute” and to demean men considered “less masculine”.

A recent game against the U.S. men’s national team has put Mexican fans in the spotlight once again for their use of the slur. After repeated warnings, officials stopped the game. This is the first step in Concacaf’s three-step process of combating this kind of behavior. The final step would be suspending the game. Though the fan’s behavior continued, the officials never continued through the process.

Use of anti-gay slurs is not limited to Mexican fans. Multiple countries have been sanctioned by FIFA over the years, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Hungary, among others according to a 2017 article from The BBC. The problem hasn’t stopped. Homophobia is a wide-spread problem in soccer.

This most recent offense has landed Mexico in hot water again. They’ve had offenses on and off for 10 years, with years like 2018 containing multiple offenses. It hasn’t been until the past few years that they’ve recognized the problem.

Clearly, whatever FIFA, Concacaf, and Mexico’s team are doing isn’t enough to stop the behavior.

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