The Collegian has reason to believe that our newspapers were tampered with last week in the Richard E. Smith Science Center and Lockman Hall. While we do not have proof, we do not believe it was a coincidence. The Science Center newspapers had been relocated from the north entrance to the south entrance. The newspapers from the Lockman rack had been covered up with a stack of old editions.

As a newspaper, we open ourselves to criticism, especially when writing articles on controversial subjects. However, we will continue to exercise our First Amendment rights, like any media outlet in the United States. As for those who disagree with the topics in our paper, we ask that you respectfully walk past our distribution racks without interfering with our papers. We welcome any comments or concerns, in a civil manner. You can email our advisor Brad Hallier at, or you can write a letter to the editor by sending him an email. You can leave a comment on any article we have on Facebook or X/Twitter. You can leave comments on any story published online at

Thank you.

Carly Thompson, Editor-In-Chief

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