By Cassidy Peterson
Staff writer

The weather is getting warmer and soon plants and flowers will be growing again, which means spring is here. As all Hutchinson Community College students and faculty know, that means spring break is getting closer.

The big question is, especially for students, spring break trip or no trip?

For HutchCC student Josh Shirley, there will be no trip.

“I am broke and cannot afford to go on a trip,” said Shirley, a Newton freshman.

Other students, like Andale sophomore Gillian Denk and Haven sophomore Mariah Piña, may be more focused on working and making some extra money over break instead of taking a vacation.

Traveling prices are on the rise. Hotel costs are up 17.1% from January 2020 vs. January 2024, according to NerdWallet. Restaurant prices are also on the rise, up 5.1% from Jan. 2023.

Another hurdle some HutchCC students may face is car rental age requirements. Most rental car businesses require a minimum age of 21 years old and some even have additional fees if the customer is under 25.

Although there are several obstacles college students must face in order to go on a vacation, there are some positives right now. According to CoinNews Media Group Company, airfare prices dropped by 6.4% over the past year. The average price of an airplane ticket is $285 as claimed by Bank Rate. Car rental prices have also gone down 14.1% from January 2023 to now.

Which is why some students will be utilizing these price drops and leaving Hutchinson for one week.

Colwich freshman Abby Godfrey says she will be traveling over spring break. She is going to be spending her time in Denver on a mission trip.

Selena Piña, a Hutchinson sophomore, says that yes, she will be going on a spring break trip, although it will not be taking place the week of spring break for HutchCC.

“I am going to Texas for my friend’s graduation from the Air Force,” Selena said.

Overall, it seems that the number of students taking a trip over spring break and those staying home is fairly equal.

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