By Sam Ojeda
Sports Editor

When someone reaches college age, a lot changes in life. One of these changes is presented as almost a rite of passage for most men and some women – sports betting. 

Sports betting is as simple as spending money based on professional projections by casinos and what they call “sports books.” Betting on sports has been a craze for about a century but, since Covid-19 and more people seem to be attempting it every day.

At Hutchinson Community College, there are talks daily about sports betting, which became legal in Kansas on Sept. 1, 2022. Some of these are student-athletes, faculty, and other students. However, there are many opinions on sports betting. Some people do it casually as a fun side gig to make a few bucks. Other people lean on it as a source of income. 

When someone places a sports bet there are many different ways to go about it. 

Freshman Cooper Philbrick said, “When I place a bet, I go through many different websites and people to try to find the right bet,” said freshman baseball player Cooper Philbrick, who got his start betting in high school and he realized he was pretty consistent in his winnings, “I started simply because I heard about it from other people and I saw it on ads.” 

Philbrick said he finds it enjoyable and has created his routine of placing bets.

“First I will look at the potential picks, and if I see someone I have had recent success with lately I will check that recent stats and go with them,” Philbrick said.

When he does not know, he will take a more analytical approach.

“If I do not know what to pick, I will look at some other stat and projection websites and narrow it down from there,” Philbrick said.

There is also a much simpler approach to placing a bet – the gut feeling. 

HutchCC freshman pitcher Trenton Roehler takes a more laid-back approach to betting

“I started because it was fun,” he said.

Roehler does not like to get too risky with his bets, only betting around $5 at a time.

“I like to bet on my favorite teams,” he said. “I bet on the Chiefs a lot because they are my team and I have confidence in them to win.”

Roehler said he places sports bets for the same reasons a lot of people do.

“It makes the game more enjoyable and you usually have more on the line than only a team,” he said. 

Philbrick said he believes that if he gets good enough at it, he could make a living off of it.

“I have made $150 this week and it has not been a good week,” the Liberty, Mo., native said.

He has collected more than $3,000 in winnings since he started and thinks other people could make a living as well. 

Roehler, who is the more casual, thinks if someone has the knowledge and the consistency, they could make a living too.

“You have to have enough money to live still.” Roehler said.

Sports betting is risky like all gambling is but for some, it makes sports more entertaining. For some people, it is a way of life and a part of their daily routine. Regardless of which way someone is, there is no denying sports gambling will stay around for a long time.

Editor’s note: Sports betting and all forms of gambling can be addictive. If you have a gambling problem, get help at

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