Like many of you probably did, I grew up watching Star Wars. The first video game I ever remember playing was Lego Star Wars. It was an important part of my childhood, and I still enjoy the universe. I remember how I felt getting to see a new Star Wars movie in theaters when “The Force Awakens” came out.

But since Disney has started making Star Wars shows, they’ve started giving it what I call “the Marvel treatment.” The new shows all interconnect and viewers have to watch everything to understand what’s going on.

And the plot these shows connect to? Why, none other than the Skywalker Saga. Now, I get that the Saga has been the main source of Star Wars content for years. That doesn’t mean everything has to connect to them. Seriously, how many different versions of Order 66 do we need to see? I can think of four off the top of my head. That’s three too many.

Star Wars takes place in a galaxy. Galaxies are massive. Why can’t we have stories that don’t connect to the Skywalker Saga? Out of all the shows that have come out recently, “Visions” is the only one that doesn’t directly connect. Yes, I know that some of the episodes do, but the show, as a whole, doesn’t.

For those who don’t know, in Star Wars “Visions”, each episode is produced by a different studio. It offers a fresh perspective on the Star Wars universe that doesn’t rely on the main Saga. It’s so interesting to see how different studios from different countries view the franchise.

As I said before, it’s also nice to watch something from the Star Wars universe that doesn’t deal directly with the main Saga. Visions is a show you can sit down and watch without any prior knowledge of Star Wars.

That’s my main complaint about recent shows, outside of writing. It’s difficult to watch these shows without prior knowledge. And how do you get prior knowledge? By watching other content. Eventually, there’s so much other connecting content that it’s impossible for new or busy viewers to get caught up.

That’s why I like “Visions”. Not only are the art styles incredible, the stories are fresh and creative, stepping outside of the Skywalker Saga and exploring other parts of the galaxy far, far away.

Lynn Spahr is a Hutchinson sophomore studying journalism and the Opinion Page Editor.

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