Taylor Swift announced the Eras Tour on Nov. 1, 2022. For fans, getting tickets was a nightmare. Ticketmaster was not prepared for around 14 million Taylor Swift fans to try to buy tickets all at the same time, the website ended up crashing, which resulted in a lot of people not getting tickets before the show sold out.

The fans who could not get tickets had other options to see or hear Taylor Swift. Fans without tickets showed up to the stadium she was playing at and stood outside so they could listen to her. They sang along, danced, and traded friendship bracelets. Fans also watched the concert through TikTok, either through live streams or short videos.

On Aug. 31, Taylor posted on Instagram announcing “The Eras Tour Movie”. The movie gives people who did not get tickets or people who want to relive the Eras Tour a chance to see it in front of them on the big screen.

I went to see the film not too long ago with a friend who is not a Swiftie. As someone who did not get tickets to The Eras Tour, it was a special moment for me. I was singing along the whole time. “Reputation” is my favorite Taylor Swift era, so watching that part of the show was my favorite, it felt so powerful.

Even though my friend who came with me who is not a Swiftie, I could tell he enjoyed the movie because I heard him singing along next to me. At the end of the movie, I asked him how he liked it and he said it was not bad, which I take as a win because he was hating on it before.

While watching the movie, we were not the only ones singing along. We heard people throughout the theater singing along and having a blast. At one point, during the movie my friend looked behind us and he said that people were dancing in the back so I turned around, and sure enough, they were.

For my friend and I, it was a magical moment (even if he denies it). I read the reviews for this movie and it was magical for other people too.

Taylor Swift has the power to bring people together whether it’s at her concerts or even at the movies.

Sammi Carpenter is a Hutchinson freshman studying sports medicine.

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