By Paige Asberry

Staff Writer

When consumers today think of cultural icons, Taylor Swift is one of the first names to come to mind.

Be it “Eras Tour”, her concert film, or maybe her appearance in a suite at a Kansas City Chiefs game while she cheers on Travis Kelce, Taylor has made her mark on society with a glitter pen.

The singer/songwriter got her start when she was in her teens, and has been active ever since.

Swift released her first album in 2006, at the age of 18, and sparked the hopes and dreams of the young kids that danced in their rooms and dreamed of singing on a big stage someday. These same children grew up with Taylor, and went on her journey with her. She wrote personal, relatable music and gave kids permission to feel.

“She’s had a really big impact on young women, especially in terms of giving them confidence,” said Hutchinson Community College Cheney sophomore Olivia Albers. “It’s really important that she calls out the fact that when a woman does something, the media can give them a lot of hate, but praise a man that does the same thing. She really explains how wrong and toxic it is, and there needs to be something done about it.”

Dan “Coach Nac” Naccarato, a business instructor at HutchCC has an insight into what makes her so lovely as a person

“She’s a phenomenon,” Coach Nac said. “She’s got this element to her personality where she knows how to show appreciation to her fans, and has this ability to make other people feel important.”

Not only does Swift make a difference in the lives of her fans, she is influential enough to take on Apple Music, and make a change that ultimately profited the industry and her fellow musicians.

Besides the emotional impact she’s had on today’s youth, she has also contributed so much money to the economy through the Eras Tour.

“The Bank of America has introduced what they call ‘funflation’, where people are spending less money on goods, and spending it more on experiences, and they believe that Taylor Swift, along with Beyonce, has been a driving force of this,” said HutchCC economics instructor Matt Wilper.

Every Eras Tour stop has generated an average of $5 million in merchandise, food, and hotel sales.

It also seems way too convenient that the price of eggs went down 13% percent after a joke was made at the Grammys about the Swifties doing something about the price of eggs.

“She’s very influential, you cannot deny that,” Wilper said.

Taylor Swift’s era has spanned three decades and has remained a household name throughout. Though some out there may not enjoy her music, or seeing her every time the Chiefs play, it seems that she will never go out of style. 

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