This week marks the release of one of the biggest game releases of the year. The release of Bethesda’s first new intellectual property in 25 years – “Starfield”. 

Starfield claims to sell itself as the biggest role playing game of our time. And boy, oh boy, are a certain group of people very angry about something it does. In a recent upsurge of TikToks I’ve had the great displeasure to see people are upset about … Optional Pronoun Selection. 

A TikTok I saw earlier included a very angry British man screaming about “F*$^ing Pronouns! F*$)ing gender ambiguity! F*#)ing current-day Californian s)%*, because that’s what we f*$!ing know because we are boring. We’re so, f*&$ing, boring! We can’t see past our own f*@(ing reflections, that’s the level of our narcissism at the Bethesda Western Gaming Company.” 

This, if you’re to blind to figure it out, is absolutely absurd. Genuinely stupid. Shockingly moronic. Even from a “Bethesda’s gone work” standpoint it’s totally inane and stupid. 

All the way back in 2010, Bethesda’s “Fallout: New Vegas” included numerous LGBTQ characters. Arcade Gannon is a canonically gay man. Veronica Santangelo is a canonical lesbian, who’s girlfriend you can meet during the game. Bethesda Game Studios has always been “woke.”

And while we’re on that topic. The word isn’t really woke. The word is “A Company With Decent Values.” And if you know me and my opinion on Bethesda, those are kind words. I am a vocal critic of Bethesda and their CEO Todd Howard. Their business policies make me mind numbingly angry. 

However, they’ve never shied away from being good people, for the most part. I’m sick and tired of seeing right wing douchebags flip their crap at the smallest things, and then turn around and say “Trans people can’t police my language,” and “Lefties are so triggered by me refusing to use their pronouns.” Because at the end of the day here’s the thing. They’re just massive, tremendous hypocrites. 

For the crowd of people who so boldly claim that leftists ‘Wouldn’t survive in a COD Lobby’, they seem incapable of surviving being in a decent society. 

A bunch of absolute children and crybabies.

Braedon Martin is a Hutchinson sophomore studying journalism. He is the Collegian’s Online Editor.

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