By Autumn Yates
Staff writer

There is a new destination in Hutchinson for tea connoisseurs.

HTeaO, located at 1619 E. 30th Ave., provides tea drinkers with an alternative experience. With more than 25 flavors of tea, customers will be greeted by many options to choose from.

Two years ago, when Jacqueline Thomas brought her partner Darren Thomas a watered-down, sweet-almond, green tea from Oklahoma at midnight, they knew they had a new project – bringing tea and community connection to Hutchinson. 

With flavors like Texas Chai, and the establishment’s most popular, “Sweet Georgia Peach,” there is something for everyone. Hutchinson freshman Kali Trotter, a tea fan, sampled flavors and landed on the Sweet Turbo Citrus Energy Tea. Like other customers, she is excited about the wide selection of drinks. 

“We definitely could not have done it without the amazing people we hired,” Jacqueline said. 

The two appreciate the understanding of having happy customers walk through the doors every day.

The owners look forward to launching a brew station on Sept. 22. It will provide customers with the option to purchase a selection of coffees and hot teas. Customers should be on the lookout for new monthly flavors and seasonal beverages. Past monthly options have been Wedding Cake, Cotton Candy, and other unique concoctions.

The current Mix of the Month is Mango Tango.

In addition to the expansive menu and energetic staff, the Thomases come to Hutchinson with a deeper purpose. The Thomases say their mission is to give back to the community. 

First responders and military personnel who come in uniform are welcome to a free cup of tea. Jacqueline said she loves that members can come in, receive their beverage and relax, and then go back to serving the community.

The couple cherishes the moments when they are able to get to know the regular military and first responders that set foot in frequently. 

“We are happy to give back to those who serve us,” Darren said.

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