By Cassidy Peterson
Staff writer

Attention Hutchinson Community College students. An important event is coming to Parker Student Union from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

This is the Transfer Fair, which many HutchCC students may not know about. The Transfer Fair is an event where four-year colleges from Kansas, and a few other surrounding states, bring their transfer coordinators to speak to students about the scholarships that could be offered, more information about their schools, dates students can visit, and to answer questions. 

There are about 20 colleges attending this fair with large colleges such as the University of Kansas, Fort Hays State University, Wichita State University, and Kansas State University being included along with several private colleges.

“We encourage the freshmen in particular to come, so they have an idea of where they’re going to go and what they need to work towards,” said Michelle Wortham, Administrative Assistant to Vice President of Student Services. Sophomores should also attend the fair to get more information and to see what they may need to do to be better prepared for their upcoming transfer.” 

Some colleges will have prizes and other free swag such as pens, pencils, hand sanitizer, and stress balls.

Cooper Williams, a freshman HutchCC student, said he would not be unable to attend the transfer fair this week because of a busy schedule.

If anyone is in the same situation as Cooper, there is a spring transfer fair in February as well. If not, attending would be beneficial if you are planning on furthering your education after HutchCC. 

Sophomore Kyle Turk said he was initially unaware of the fair, but added,  “I would love to go.”

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