By Cassidy Peterson
Staff writer

As Hutchinson Community College students get back into the flow of school, and the homework begins ramping up, so has the temperature outside.

It seems that August will not go out without a fight. The summer heat was all the way up in the 100s two weeks ago. It even reached 104 degrees on Aug. 21. That same day, in the morning, Rimmer Learning Resources Center was closed.

With homework piling up, Hutch CC students have been trying to find areas to study, and one building some turn to is Rimmer. The air conditioning went out and continued to be out until the late afternoon of that Friday.

Most Rimmer services were moved to Waldo Auditorium in Lockman Hall during that period, although computer resources and printing services were limited. According to Bradley Fenwick, the Director of Rimmer Support Services, the air conditioning is still out. When asked whether it was due to the heat, Fenwick replied, “Probably. I can’t say that for certain, but I would guess that, yeah, it probably was.” Luckily, a temporary air conditioning unit was installed in order to keep the library in service. As of right now, there is not a definite date as to when the air conditioning will be fully operational again.

Fenwick said he is hoping it will be functional by the end of September, as that is how long the temporary air conditioning unit is rented for. 

For those who don’t like the heat, it does not look like the temperatures are going down anytime soon. The Labor Day weekend highs were up to 98 degrees on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Tuesday’s high was 98, followed by a 93-degree day on Wednesday. 

Thursday’s high is looking to be 99 and the week will end with more steamy weather. Friday could get up to 96 and Saturday will drop down slightly in the lower 90s, according to KSN in Wichita.

Amanda Higginbotham, a student at Hutch CC said, “I’ve been forcing myself to wear hoodies because I believe it’ll make it cooler sooner.” Another Hutch CC student, Clayton Shingleton said, “I want hoody weather.” 

Few words from Shingleton, but a collective group would agree with Amanda and him. Whether Hutch CC students agree or disagree, it seems that summer wants to hold on a while longer. You can drink your pumpkin spice latte, but that will not lower our temperatures at all. 

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