By Lizzie Kipp / Online Editor

Once upon a time at Hutchinson Community College, there were certain school days set aside specifically for enrollment.

These enrollment days were for incoming freshmen. They gave students a chance to enroll in their very first semesters and explore the campus they would come to know well. There were even days where classes were even canceled, so instructors who are also advisors could help with enrollment.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic ruined everything, and HutchCC put a pause on face-to-face enrollment days as a safety precaution.

But to bring a happy ending to the story – enrollment days are back, which is good news for both current and future Blue Dragons.

DJ Chastain, HutchCC’s Coordinator of Advising and Career Development, is particularly excited about their return.

“It is exciting to see new faces and meet the new students who will be attending HutchCC,” Chastain said. “Building relationships early with new students is always positive.”

Chastain also added that it is beneficial for incoming freshmen to see the campus and meet their advisor in person. Many students would rather go to a physical enrollment day instead of enrolling through a screen, anyway.

Chastain said that he thinks the change will be well-received among the student body and offers a tip, mentioning that anyone – even new students – can make personal appointments with an advisor.

“(Students) do not have to come to the set enrollment days unless those days work best for them,” Chastain said.

The first enrollment day was March 31, but there are more to come.

Current or future HutchCC students can contact their advisor to enroll for summer or fall classes, but HutchCC will have scheduled enrollment for incoming freshmen on the following days – April 14, April 21, May 12, June 9, and July 7.

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