It’s a pretty-well documented thing that the alt-right is totally absurd on every level. From beliefs to actions, nothing they do makes sense, however, for one representative, everything they do is the most absurdly insane human being in the country.

I’m talking, of course, about the representative of Georgia’s 14th congressional district, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Recently, “60 Minutes” did an interview with MTG that showed quite a bit of incompetence on both sides, but what I’m here to focus on is Marjorie herself. I couldn’t care less if the interviewer sucked at her job, because the real harm done is the absolutely moronic things that Marjorie says on a daily basis, be it calling for a “national divorce” between red and blue states, or that the California wildfires in 2021 were caused by “Space Lasers”.

The interview truly begins with questions about raising taxes. Greene refused to answer and instead pivoted by saying the blame for the rapidly approaching economic disaster lies with, “The people that have spent $31 trillion that forced this situation to happen.”

Which means … absolutely nothing. She follows this up with, “We don’t have a revenue problem in DC, but a spending problem.” Which I would argue is true. Except her solution is to cut COVID-19 bailouts and green energy spending, instead of cutting … maybe some of the $800 billion we give to the military every year. Marjorie refuses to acknowledge that clean energy is one of the only ways to save our future going forward. But of course, she doesn’t care about the future. She cares about the now, where she can work on killing trans people and criminalizing gay people and arguing for a genocide against whatever group of people she feels like.

It continues showing a clip from “the past” , whatever that means, of MTG chasing down a survivor of the Parkland school shooting to tell them that if the school had armed security guards this would have never happened. I hope to god I don’t have to explain why that is 50 different levels of screwed up.

And of course, the “age-old” adage of “The democrats are a party of pedophiles”, to which she agrees, saying “They support grooming children.” and “Even Joe Biden – the president – supports children being sexualized and having transgender surgeries. That’s what pedophiles do, they sexualize children,” which shows the absolutely absurd lack of understanding the representative has for trans people.

No one is sexualizing kids, republicans just think anything involving gay or trans people is sexual, because the only context they have for the existence of gay and trans people is the porn they watch behind closed doors. (Cough cough Ted Cruz.) Also no one is arguing that kids should have gender-confirmation surgeries. The argument is that trans kids should have the right to go on puberty blockers because it has an immensely positive effect on the trans suicidality rate. When kids are accepted and supported and allowed to live as they want to, their likelihood to attempt suicide plummets. I think what Marjorie really wants to do is eradicate trans people because she thinks they’re yucky, and she’s acting like fascist who believes everything she dislikes shouldn’t exist.

Marjorie says it’s OK to call the democrats pedophiles because people on the internet call her racist. And Antisemititc. That’s name calling, and she’s just stating the truth. Which is, of course, the squirliest dodge imaginable. Marjorie is called racist because she supports a system that actively decreases the ability of Black people to exist in this country. And she’s called antisemitic because she believes in space lasers owned by companies that are frequently the target of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories


She, of course, still believes the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent, because she has an IQ of like 2. It’s been three years, three years of proof that the election was in fact, not stolen. Three years of moronic avoidance of the truth.

Marjorie says that she “blames Trump” for some stuff, but never says any of what that stuff could be. And then says “The president can’t do everything!” But of course, when the table is turned, she’ll blame Biden for whatever she can. Because she’s unabashedly stupid and doesn’t know what she’s saying.

Marjorie Taylor Greene also, of course, believes in QAnon, because what kind of alt-right nut job doesn’t these days. And she avoids blame for having liked a Facebook post calling for speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi to get a “Bullet to the head” by saying she wasn’t running her social media at that point. But she also stands by the stuff on her page. So which is it? Does she think Nancy Pelosi should be shot, or did she not believe the stuff on her page?

Marjorie goes on to answer a question about her stance on the Parkland school shooting by saying “I never said it was a false flag” despite the fact that “60 Minutes” was able to find her responding to a comment that said “it’s called a pay off to keep his mouth shut since it was a false flag planned shooting”, to which she replied  “Exactly”. What else is that other than total lies?

The “60 Minutes” interviewer says they fact checked that remark, to which MTG responds, “Have you fact checked all my statements from kindergarten to 12th grade, and in college, and as I’ve paid my taxes and never broken the law …”

Observe the absolute buffoonery. She gets called out for lying, right after lying, and her defense is “I pay my taxes and don’t break the law. Did you fact check that?” Once again, this weasley little idiot tries to squirm her way out of a problem by just refusing to answer the question.

The interviewer brings up a couple of stances MTG has that I don’t even have the patience to refute, because it’s all stuff I’ve talked about before. But she does strike back against the Establishment Clause.

“Yet the founding fathers quoted the bible constantly and were driven by their faith.” Oh yes. The best argument against the Establishment Clause, “The founding fathers read the bible and talked about it.” Absolutely moronic. Marjorie continues to showcase a fascinating ability to misunderstand the constitution at every turn, something that most republican politicians in recent years also show.

While this interview was absurdly embarrassing for both sides, the interviewer allowing MTG to basically walk all over her, Marjorie herself still comes out as the national embarrassment I’ve always said she was. The people of Georgia should be ashamed that she is the one who has been chosen to represent them on a national level. I’m certainly embarrassed that she represents any portion of America.

However, there is one way this can go that I would be genuinely excited to see. A retry of this interview performed by Jon Stewart. The key factor in an interview with America’s ‘Darling Moron’ would be an interviewer who actually takes and retains control over the conversation. Jon Stewart would do that and then some. Maybe it’s just a dark desire to see MTG raked over the coals and absolutely torn apart verbally for every stupid argument she tries to make, but I would pay money to see the Jon Stewart/MTG interview.

Braedon Martin is a Hutchinson sophomore studying journalism. He is the Opinion Page Editor and the Managing Editor for Design.

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