Are you an adult? Do you think you are now too old to enjoy kids TV?

Well I’m sorry but you are entirely wrong. There is no universe in which you are correct. Where’s my evidence? I present to you a kids TV show from Australia – “Bluey” Also known as the single greatest children’s show on this planet, nay, this universe has ever and will ever know.

What’s so good about “Bluey”? All of it. Everything. I struggle to even describe everything that makes this show good.

But before I get ahead of myself, I’m sure you don’t even know the first thing about “Bluey”, so let me describe it for you.

“Bluey” is a show produced by Ludo Studio with assistance from the Australian government about a family of dogs, parents Bandit and Chili Heeler and their two daughters Bluey and Bingo, and explores different life lessons with a wonderful backdrop of imagination, growing up, and other lessons for young children. Often set to little remixes of classical music.

A couple episodes in particular stand out to make the show’s quality as easily accessible as possible. Notably, episode nine of the second season, “Sleepytime”, which tells the story of Bingo’s first time sleeping on her own. Set to the tune of Gustav Holst’s “Jupiter” (One of the most beautiful pieces of classical music of all time). We see Bingo’s dream where she explores the planets, interacting with them in weird ways intercut with what a sleepwalking Bingo is doing in the real world is an instance of pure childlike joy.

Sitting on the rim of her dream-solar system with a stuffed rabbit, Bingo begins to feel alone, especially when her rabbit is left in the rings of Saturn (Dropped in the hallway while sleeping walking), the little pup begins to cry, but not before a speeding comet brings her two the sun.

“Jupiter” truly picks up in an absolutely gorgeous crescendo as her mother takes the form of the sun, picking up Bingo’s rabbit and returning it to her. The sun puts Bingo back in her bed with a heart wrenching speech of unconditional parental love. The music dies down as Bingo’s dream ends and she falls truly asleep, and we are shown shot after shot of the now quiet Heeler household. The music crescendos to a peak as we see the sun rise and the episode ends.

All of this beauty is packed into a single 10 minute episode. I seriously have to recommend that you at least watch this episode, because it is genuinely one of the greatest episodes of any show I’ve seen. Even rewatching it to write this I find my eyes misty with tears. The combination of a sense of childhood nostalgia (Every kid wants independence until you’re really independent, then you miss every moment where you didn’t have to worry). And an amazing score really sets the mood. Not to mention the absolutely fantastic animation and art quality. Shots of the sun’s rays barely reach out past orbiting planets, the mixing of colors as Bingo is raced to the center of the solar system. Especially the shot of Bingo, itty bitty in comparison to the Sun, followed by a shot of Bingo in bed being hugged by her mother, are absolutely gorgeous.

Watch “Bluey”. That’s all I can really say at this point. The show is far deeper than most kids shows, and the art direction and music design is in a league of its own.

Braedon Martin is a Hutchinson sophomore studying journalism. He is the Collegian’s Opinion Page Editor and Managing Editor-Design

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