How typical. A Kansas State fan writing about the in-state rivalry with Kansas. It’s hard writing this after I just saw the beating the Wildcats took against the Jayhawks, where they lost 102-83. But this is a crazy rivalry.

The two main sports for fans, football and basketball, are completely manhandled by one team. K-State owns the state in football, but the Sunflower Showdown trophy goes back to Lawrence during basketball season.

It hasn’t always been that way, because Kansas State was known as “Futility U” before our lord and savior Bill Snyder took the reins as head coach in 1988. The overall record in football is 64-50-5 in favor of Kansas. Kansas also has a hold on the all-time record in basketball at 204-94, and they will probably forever hold that lead. But KU football is in the lead, yes, but if you’re not 100 years old you would know K-State dominates KU for the most part.

The last time Kansas won a game against Kansas State in football, was in 2008 the last time they won in Manhattan was in 2007. Kansas State is on a 13 straight win streak.

What a bunch of losers, amirite? In America’s game, Kansas has been a loser for over a decade.          

Yeah, Kansas, you can take your amazing basketball teams and your national championships and your cool “Late Night at the Phog”, but Kansas State in recent times has never had to celebrate a surprising upset at home to get your only win of the season. Like maybe try going over .500 one of these years?

What happened to that amazing recruiting class you guys had for a week with Les Miles before they all decided they didn’t want to waste four years of their life in a disgusting town like Lawrence?

Yes, I started writing this after Kansas State took a beating against Kansas on Tuesday. But that doesn’t change the fact that every year, Kansas goes on and on about owning the state when they all know that that trophy is going right back into Manhattan come football season.  

Last thing, can Kansas get a new football stadium? Or at least to renovations? My alma mater Abilene has a better football stadium than them and we are just a small 4A school.

That’s it. I’m done.

Ben Short is an Abliene freshman studying journalism. He is a die-hard Kansas State fan and argues often with Jayhawk fans in class.

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