Last weekend, the Kansas City Chiefs pulled off one of the greatest wins I think I have ever seen. With just 13 seconds to spare, Magic Mahomes was able to help tie the game, taking the Chiefs into overtime of their AFC Divisional Round playoff game against the Buffalo Bills at Arrowhead Stadium.

The team made quick work of scoring in overtime, on a Travis Kelce touchdown catch, and took home the dub.

Chiefs fans instantly abrupted into celebration, including Brittany Matthews, whose fiance is that famous Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

Videos of her celebrating were quick to find their way onto timelines everywhere. She’s seen leaning out of the suite, spraying a bottle of champagne over the crowd.

The keyboard warriors were quick to jump onto this one.

“I would be so mad if someone sprayed champagne all over me. Think next time!”

“I’m sure fans down there really appreciated being drenched in champagne. Wtf is wrong with you??”

One commenter even went as far to say “Patty needs to get himself a new family, what a b****!”

Shocker that we not only get butthurt for the team pulling off an incredible win, but also attack a player’s fiance for celebrating said win.

Grow up people.

Do I recommend spraying bubbly all over a crowd of people? Not really. But am I going to tear her down for getting excited for her future hubby’s success? Definitely not.

Girl, I was excited too! If I was in your shoes I probably would have done the same thing, honestly.

He’s a lucky guy to have a lady by his side that is so supportive of him and his team. Mahomes and Matthews have been together since high school, and both have firmly planted roots in Kansas City. She even is an owner for a pro women’s soccer team in Kansas City.

I mean come on y’all, there are far more important things to be pissed about than this. If we’re being honest, 98% of those comments were probably from people who weren’t even at the game, so why are you getting so heated?

It’s pathetic really. Weren’t you ever taught the golden rule? Treat others how you want to be treated. It’s a basic concept really, but I get it if it’s too difficult for you to understand.

Or maybe you’ve heard this one: if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it at all.

Let me simplify it for you. Grow up or shut up.

Laci Sutton is a Nickerson senior studying nursing. She is the Collegian’s Opinion Page Editor.

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