In Kansas, having 60-degree weather in January is a rare occurrence, except for the start of 2022. In fact, for the past couple years, January’s average temperatures have started to rise across the globe.

The big bad villain called Climate Change is at fault. It’s why there’s been a record amount of weather oddities, like extremely hot and cold temperatures and tornadoes in December.

Not only is the climate changing, landfills are being overflowed, and the ocean is being polluted with hazardous materials, creating microplastics. These unhealthy microplastics are finding their way into everyday lives, compromising the food we eat and the water we drink.

Unfortunately, not enough is being done by corporations and governments to help prevent our planet from dying, and taking the population along with it.

There are some things that people can do to help in the fight against climate change. The list includes: carpooling to school or work to save on gas and prevent emissions, making sure to prevent food waste by composting any leftover food that goes uneaten, turning off items that are not in use, bringing reusable bags to the grocery store, etc.

A more in-depth list of things that can be done to help protect our environment can be found at

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