By Brendan Ulmer
Staff writer

If anyone on campus is interested in expressing themselves in a public medium, the school offers a unique opportunity through a literary magazine, “The Tulgey Wood”.

“The Tulgey Wood” is headed up by Grace Quigley, a McPherson sophomore, who saw herself take a meteoric rise to become editor.

“During the fall semester of 2020, I noticed posters around campus advertising the need

for an editor and co-editor of ‘The Tulgey Wood’,” Quigley said. “Once I decided I’d like to give the position a try, I emailed the professor involved with the project to let him know I was interested. Within the week, he had let me know that I was the co-editor.”

Poetry and writing had not always come so simply for Quigley though, but she quickly realized her immense potential and the her work could add to her own life

“I remember writing my first poem. It was badly written and poorly structured, but it was

the first time poetry made sense to me,” she said. “Writing poetry helped me understand the art form and provided a necessary outlet for my thoughts and feelings. I initially got involved with

‘The Tulgey Wood’ because I enjoyed poetry, but that initial interest has morphed into a

desire to introduce others to this form of expression, and encourage them to try it out

themselves. Poetry has served as a meaningful storyteller in my life and my hope is to

give others a valid platform through which to continue and promote their writing.”

For anyone else who is interested in contributing to “The Tulgey Wood”, Quigley highly encourages you to do so.

“I would say, shoot your shot,” Quigley said. “If you have any questions before submitting your work, please reach out. We’re hoping to involve as many students as possible in ‘The Tulgey

Wood’s content, cover art, and everything in between. If you’re interested in the

production and publication process, shoot me an email. This project is really about

showcasing our school’s talent and the more students get involved, the more accurate our

artistic representation.”

To submit work for publication to ‘The Tulgey Wood’, send to Editor Grace Quigley at Include your full name, email and phone number. Students may submit up to April 10.

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