By Colton Fast / Staff Writer

Fake NJCAA streams have been popping up again with possible intrusive intentions.

Just like last year when fans were limited or not allowed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, streams are popping up to watch Hutchinson Community College athletic events.

Not only can these streams be illegal, but dangerous as well.

“In my mind, they are illegal because they are trying to obtain money or personal information with false pretenses” said Steve Carpenter, HutchCC Sports Information Director.

This has been a problem for not just HutchCC, but schools all across Kansas.

Example of a fake stream link

“We have seen speculation from other schools that the links provided could pose the threat of a virus,” said Denny Stoecklein, HutchCC Director of Marketing and Public Relations. “Another school was under the impression these sites may be charging customers to view games that are being offered for free by the participating schools, and perhaps capturing personal information as well.”

Although none of this information is completely confirmed, it’s a safe bet that these sketchy streams aren’t just trying to give people an alternative way to watch the games. All HutchCC sports events are free to watch at or

“We will also put out game day graphics each time a Blue Dragon team plays with the proper link. With those entry points, a person is no more than two clicks away from being able to watch a game,” Carpenter said. “So not only are HCC games easy to find and watch, but they’re free and safe.”

When asking about what happens if you click on these scam links, Carpenter said, “Three things are going to happen to somebody who clicks one of those scams. One, you are going to lose your money; two, tou are going to give up some personal information; three, the link could be a virus. Or a fourth, all three of the aforementioned scenarios could happen. None of them are good, so my advice is don’t click.”

With all of this offered by HutchCC, there should be no reason for anybody paying, or risking personal information just to watch a game.

If a user see these links, reporting them to whatever app you are using is recommended.

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