by Maegan Vincent / Staff Writer

The Hutchinson Animal Shelter is home to a multitude of dogs and cats waiting to be adopted.

Right now the shelter is overrun with kittens and are in need of foster parents. Fosters take the animal – or animals – out of the hands of the shelter and take care of them from their own home. It benefits not only the shelter but the animal as well, as the animal can get constant care and attention while also being provided more space to play and run around.

Photo by Maegan Vincent

The shelter offers other programs like the ‘The Lucky Dog Program’. A dog is temperament tested, and if they are friendly enough, they are entered into this program. These dogs then receive basic training from Hutchinson Correctional Facility inmates and learn to sit, stay, and lay down. They are housebroken, crate trained, and learned how to walk with a leash on. The other program the shelter offers is the ‘Barn Cat Program’. This shelter takes in cats that were once outdoor or feral (wild), and this program gives those cats a chance to roam around outdoors, whether it be a farm or a warehouse. They possibly can help control rodent problems while, giving them the freedom they are used to.

Outdoor and feral cats typically don’t like or want human affection, which makes it hard for them to get adopted into homes. These cats aren’t meant to be pets, so this program helps them get adopted without having to take the cats out of their comfort zones.

The adoption process for any dog or cat at the Hutchinson Animal Shelter is simple. First, you fill out the application. The workers first and foremost make sure your home is fit to have an animal in it. If you rent your home or apartment, they will call your landlord to make sure you are allowed to have pets. They do this to prevent the animal from being kicked out. If you have any other animals, they will call your vet to make sure your animal is up to date on all their vaccinations. It’s important that your pets are friendly and get along with other animals because they also want to prevent the rescue from having to return to the shelter only a few weeks later. Finally, the shelter will spay or neuter the animal before they can go home with you.The Hutchinson Animal Shelter is located at 1501 S. Severance St. They are open by appointment only right now, and can be called at 620-694-1924.

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