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What is Beef? Well, according to The Notorius B.I.G. it’s when you travel 30 people deep, but what about subtle beef? Is that even a thing? Sure it is, just look at Kanye West and Drake for example.

These two have been sending subtle shots at one another, whether it be on social media or the lyrics in their music. Drake uses a bunch of double entendre in his songs either about Kanye or his wife Kim Kardashian, Kanye leaked Drake’s address on Instagram, but does this count as actual beef?

Kanye and Drake, two of the most famous artists in all of rap music have a wide variety of great music but who is better out of the two? Many would argue Drake, many would also argue Kanye. It’s really a divided subject that needs to be figured out.

The best way is to compare their two latest projects that were supposed to be their best work. Let’s get to it.

Kanye West, left, and Drake, right.

First we analyze Kanye’s album “Donda”, an interesting and long album. It’s interesting because it took so long to drop. The release date kept getting pushed back until Universal released the album. The album is one hour, 49 minutes long. That means you’re getting at least 25 tracks (27 to be exact).

Starting off with the “Donda Chant” as the first track, the album definitely started off bad. The song is literally nothing but a woman chanting the word “Donda” over and over again.

We later learn that this resembles the last few minutes of his mother’s life Donda West. Now it seems genius.

Truth be told, there is really only about five good songs on the album. The rest of the songs tend to be just instrumentals. “Hurricane”, “Jonah”, “Off the Grid”, “Praise God”, and “Believe What I Say” were the five good songs on the album. Each song sounded like the classic Ye that made us all love him with a modern twist.

Now we get into Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy”. This is Drake’s 12th studio album and one that Drake fans have been waiting for more than a year. It was worth the wait. With the combination of toxic masculinity and acceptance of truth, which is inevitably heartbreaking. The album is 21 tracks long. That’s six less than Kanye’s, and the songs are actually better.

Every song on “CLB” was also kind of reminiscent of past Drake projects at the same time as well. With songs like “Papi’s Home”, “Girls Want Girls”, and “Fair Trade”, Drake gives the listener the ability to really feel what it’s like to be that guy, a “Certified Lover Boy” if you will.

The project is definitely one of Drake’s better works and definitely was worth the wait. So who won? Who is better? If you ask me, it really depends on which artist you like more, but if you like them both, or even if you’re just team Kanye, I’m sorry to tell you, but Drake won this one.

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