By Zariah Best / Staff Writer

The annual Spring Fling Carnival happened on April 14, west of Lockman Hall at Hutchinson Community College.

The event was well attended by HutchCC students and staff. There was cash-grabbing games, bouncy-house racing, a cliff-jumping activity, free food and prizes, and more.

To allure people, the smell of fatty sugary treats brought all. The snow cones could be mixed and matched in any assortment of flavors. Nachos and popcorn and water were available.

If that wasn’t enough there was free merchandise. One could win hats, shirts and money at the game booths.

The bouncy-castle race was extremely popular. The goal was to beat one other opponent in getting to the end first, but it’s not easy in the inflatable course.

Another popular event was another jumping game where you have to outlast seven other people while Inflatable poles try to knock you off your feet.

During a trying year, there didn’t appear to be a single unhappy person there, as far as one could see. There was a football-throwing game, and the U.S. Marines had a pull-up contest.

The Spring Fling was meant for students to be able to take a break, especially after the year of Covid. School this year wasn’t easy – no breaks, online curriculums, and outbreaks of Covid is enough to stress anyone out. Hopefully this event helped to put some students more at ease and helped with the burn out.

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