Here are The Hutchinson Collegian results from the annual Kansas Collegiate Media contest. Overall, the Collegian won 34 awards.

Two Year Journalist of the Year – Samarah Bailey

Overall – Silver Medal


Second place
Audio Feature, Tabitha Barr – Suicide Awareness

Third place
Visual Headlines, Tabitha Barr – Retro Making a Comeback?


First place
Column writing, Aaron Strain – Happy birthday Kansas! Now grow up
Editorial Writing, Emily Branson – Black Lives Matter
Front Page Design, Tabitha Barr – Feb. 21, 2020
Page Design, Aaron Strain – Page 3, May 1, 2020
Spot News and Event Writing, Aaron Strain, Leslie Grajeda, Tabitha Barr – Peaceful Protest recognizes systemic violence, importance of organizing
Sports Feature Writing, Tabitha Barr – ‘Think Pink” game night honors #Tough4T
Sport News/Game Writing, Jake Brown and Sam Bailey – A promising season cut short for student-athletes

Second place
Column Writing, Tabitha Barr – “The Ripple Effect” I’ve experienced with suicide
Feature Writing, Bailey Pennycuff – Being Black in Hutchinson
Front Page Design, Sam Bailey – Nov. 6, 2020
News/Event Photography, Tabitha Barr – Silence is Compliance
Page Design, Rachel Lyons – Page 6, March 13, 2020
Sports Feature Writing, Bailey Pennycuff – Getting help in a difficult time
Sports News/Game Writing, Bailey Pennycuff – COVID-19 cancels spring football
Spot News/Event Writing, Sam Bailey and Emily Branson – Current Covid count

Third place
Editorial Writing, Aaron Strain – The Collegian’s 2020 Endorsements
Feature Photography, Bre Rogers – Just flippin’ out, Page 5
Page Design, Kyran Crist – Page 3, Nov. 6, 2020
Photo Story in Print Publications, KJ Ryan
Review Writing, Caleb Spencer – Ultra Mono: An ultra mediocre album
Sports Feature Writing, Bailey Pennycuff – Experienced Downing brings skillset to Blue Dragon volleyball
Sports News/Game Writing, Bailey Pennycuff – The Great Kickball war

Honorable mention
Column Writing, Bailey Pennycuff – “Is this the end of our great season?”
Column Writing, Jared Shuff – Coping through humor
Editorial Writing, Emily Branson – The pandemic has magnified domestic abuse, so please, reach out
Editorial Writing, Aaron Strain – We support WSU’s students fight for transparency
Front Page Design, Sam Bailey – Oct. 16, 2020
Page Design, Jolene Moore – Page 3, Sept. 18, 2020
Photo Story in Print Publications, KJ Ryan – A closed city, but hope remains (Page 5)
Single Ad Design, Sam Bailey – Campus Bookstore, Oct. 16, 2020

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