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By Bailey Pennycuff / Staff writer

A few Hutchinson Community College sports teams had some competitive fun Sept. 3 at Fun Valley Sports Complex. The volleyball team challenged the softball and women’s basketball teams to a game of kickball, and the challenge was accepted.

The first game was the softball team vs the volleyball team. Then the softball and basketball teams faced off. Lastly, the volleyball team faced the basketball team.

Softball went 2-0, basketball went 1-1 and volleyball went 0-2 for the day.

“When coach told us about the kickball games, I was so excited. The first thing I thought was ‘we are totally going to kick their butts,’” sophomore softball player Natalie Bevan said.

Volleyball coach Delice Downing was the first to come up with the competitive idea, and her purpose was to have fun and try to make the teams closer.

“It was a super fun activity for us to do and made us all work together in ways we haven’t. I think our team got a little closer to the other teams, but I think we should play more active games like that to really get closer,” sophomore volleyball player Chloe Price said.

In typical COVID-19 fashion, masks were enforced for the friendly games.

“I mean, (wearing a mask) sucked, but it was a small price to pay to get some dubs,” Bevan said.

The rules of kickball are similar to the rules of softball. Thus, the softball team had an advantage by simply understanding the dynamics of the game. Certain players of the other teams did not always understand the rules, or even know other rules existed.

“The softball vs. basketball game got a little chippy at times,” Bevan said. “Some of the basketball girls didn’t really know some of the rules, and we just assumed they did. I mean, those rules come pretty natural to us, but I could see why basketball players may struggle with some.”

Getting to spend time with teammates outside of formal practices can be a fun experience.

“My favorite part was being with my teammates and cheering them on,” Price said.

Other memorable moments might be unforgettable for some people.

“The best part about the kickball game was when I kicked a home run,” Bevan said. “It went so deep into right field, and it also scored (sophomore Alexis Way). It was my first kick of the day, too.”

Overall, the teams shared many laughs and created not only some fun memories, but also motivation for another possible challenge in the future.

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